Wreck That Disaster!



When that disaster struck,

Burning down your throat,

Choking and making you gag,

Did life cheat on you?

In more ways than one.

Or someone ruined your day?

Are you sad and heavy,

Like this thing weighs a ton,

Dragging your heart,

Disappointed and displeased?

And you need be appeased.

Suck in air,

Brace yourself,

For tomorrow lies another,

Shake it off,

And raise your head high

For tomorrow lies another,

Of turmoils and things you do not want.

But you can respond way better,

Not by going to the pond,

Getting drowned and forlorn.

Pick back the pieces,

Like a mad man chasing something!

And fight to rise.

Since tomorrow lies another,



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4 thoughts on “Wreck That Disaster!

  1. Maureen

    Thank you dear, sometimes we become so encumbered with life issues and website tempted to give in and give up


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