Who Can Date A Guy Like You?

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Last month I met a yoruba girl in Abeokuta, we chatted up and she gave me her number. I called her some time later but she would not pick up, i sent her text messages and she would not reply, one day, i received her message saying “i am sorry for saying this, I can’t date you because i always pray to have a guy that is  complete” So she was sorry to say that i am not her choice, she cannot present me to her friends not to talk of her parents.

i have faced a lot of challenges. please I am not getting  younger any more, I need a serious relationship but how can i get that with this disability? Is there hope for me?

My name is Yakubu Odewale, 28 years old.  Five years ago, when I was in university I had a accident. My dad is politician, in 2011 while he was contesting for a post, before November, a gang came to our house at  2am. They wanted to kill us, they didn’t come for money. When i was trying to escape, I was shot on my right leg  which led to amputation of the leg.

I am a one legged man now and ever since then, i have known no joy especially in relationships.  i am often confronted with ” who can date a guy like you?”  I look at my self sometimes and wish to commit suicide. My treatments abroad didn’t pay off. Is it a crime to be this way, i wasn’t born like this. please, what do i do now?

Yakubu Odewale Speaks.


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5 thoughts on “Who Can Date A Guy Like You?

  1. Ola

    First, don’t commit suicide. And don’t think of it. I also think relationships shouldn’t be the sole source of your joy. Your shouldn’t depend on them.

    There’re so many disabled people with beautiful lives. They don’t just live well, they also go about influencing lives. Find ability in your disability.

    When you’re busy with great things, trust me, the right lady will come/be found. I’m so sure of this.

    Lastly, stop pitying yourself.

  2. Shay Garbson

    Mr Y, I’m so sorry about yhur condition, I can’t even tell yhu that I imagine what yhu might be goin thru but to be candid with yhu, life has never been fair for a lot of people but the thing is I’d like yhu to really take yhurself into consideration first before anythin cauz until yhu really love yhurself to a point irrespective of whatever disability yhu’r facin, yhu have got to love yhurself enough & get busy in buildin yhur personality & self esteem, don’t let yhur disability control yhur mind into feelin depressed cauz all the idea about suicide is a result of depression & feelin ashame about which isn’t suppose to be, I wouldn’t tell yhu its easy but in doing all these, love will find yhu when yhu’v finally build yhurself up & love yhurself more! Best of luck to yhu as yhu do that & I’d also keep yhu in my prayers!

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