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Last month I met a yoruba girl in Abeokuta, we chatted up and she gave me her number. I called her some time later but she would not pick up, i sent her text messages and she would not reply, one day, i received her message saying “i am sorry for saying this, I can’t date you because i always pray to have a guy that is  complete” So she was sorry to say that i am not her choice, she cannot present me to her friends not to talk of her parents.

i have faced a lot of challenges. please I am not getting  younger any more, I need a serious relationship but how can i get that with this disability? Is there hope for me?

My name is Yakubu Odewale, 28 years old.  Five years ago, when I was in university I had a accident. My dad is politician, in 2011 while he was contesting for a post, before November, a gang came to our house at  2am. They wanted to kill us, they didn’t come for money. When i was trying to escape, I was shot on my right leg  which led to amputation of the leg.

I am a one legged man now and ever since then, i have known no joy especially in relationships.  i am often confronted with ” who can date a guy like you?”  I look at my self sometimes and wish to commit suicide. My treatments abroad didn’t pay off. Is it a crime to be this way, i wasn’t born like this. please, what do i do now?

Yakubu Odewale Speaks.


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