Well On The Street.

In Response: Daily Prompt:  Street

A small scene at the well, a corner near Palace, Lagos Island, Nigeria.

kemi walks into the big compound, there are lots of people with buckets, sitting, standing and talking at the same time. she sights the well at the far end, her countenance changes.

KEMI: ( pushes two buckets away, picks up a pink bucket and places it in line) nonsense! i wan sleep for here abi.

GIRL: shuo! is that why you push my bucket?

KEMI: you are even lucky i pushed it, i should have flung it in the air.

ONLOOKER: haba na… you meet that bucket for here, she come before you.

KEMI: who put this one mouth. i knew when she came, she was standing at the back of that guy ( points to a straightface guy, walks up to him)  No vex oh, did you not see when this girl came? didn’t she meet me here?

STRAIGHT FACE GUY: (Indifferent) i don’t know oh.

GIRL: You see na? abeg abeg! ( returns her bucket in line)

KEMI: you don’t know, were you not talking to her? ( hisses and faces the girl) No try me at all!

Kemi picks up the bucket and throws it away, Girl picks up her bucket and tries to push her out of the queue, people are shouting and trying to stop them from fighting. As they drag whose bucket to place on the right line with a haul of insults, a tall guy approaches, sights something and makes a remark before scattering the whole buckets on queue with his feet.

TALL GUY: una dey craze! i for don fetch water since, see chancing.

ONLOOKER 2: (in rage) Is that why you scattered the queue, thunder fire you! ( slaps the guy)

 A  fight starts, sending buckets into the air and people running helter skelter.  kemi watches them and tries to use the opportunity to fetch water from the well, it is dry, she leaves in annoyance.

The End.

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