Each night I sit on this fading porch,
Whistling away into the ears of the dark,
Tho you’re far a thousand miles away,
A greater distance spans my heart,
My mouth smiles, yet tears fill my eyes,
For the many unfulfilled fantasies of mine.download (4)

The vacuum is voiceless, soundless,
The longings of my heart were not heard,
And I moan with teeth gritting regret,
That you couldn’t read the love in my eyes,
When I was cowardly shy to speak,
So I pray this gets to you wherever you are.

Needles prickle hard upon my chest,
Fancy images played in my wild mind,
Of how we would fly into the sky,
With us our love to the galactic realm,
Together we’ll take the starry form,
And glister under the kiss of the moon.

We’d smile together in comet spaces,
Our silhouette driving the sun to envy,
In the airless rush I’d hold you close,
Have your warm body latched on mine,
And I’d whisper silently in to your ears,
Of how I love you to the moon.

Wherev’r you be, my lonely heart stands by,
Hoping someday I’ll behold your face,
And you’ll read the love in my eyes,
Glowing like the star you are,
And bring my unending fantasies to reality.

..Emmanuel Okunlola.

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