Picture me sleeping by  the road side, dead drunk or stressing every letter on my every word… Nah! Take it back, picture me sitting lazily across the lawn sipping wine and dozing off.

Now cut.
This was raw and fresh then, decided to share it again.

Sometimes I like adventures and I am an inquisitive cat. If there is one thing that top my list of crazy things to do, just so i could feel it, it was getting drunk. Real drunk.
I have never gotten drunk in my entire life, infact, I don’t drink. I may take a sip of beer or orijin( it’s not even sweet)  and stuff, but I won’t drink a whole bottle, I can’t  even take Smirn Off Ice because it would crush my knees. And beer? I still wonder why people take such bitter things, I have a sweet tooth for drinks. Beer is bitter, why take it?

I wanted to get drunk in a safe place so we got a bottle of ponche; whatever that was, mixed with a little coca cola drink. I was home, I started to drink, a sip at first..then gulps. Don’t ask me if I finished the whole bottle, I didn’t. I wanted to know how it felt, exactly how people who get drunk behaved and why they did so.

It was perfectly fine until I stood up to walk, I didn’t have any reason to walk, I just wanted to test myself. I noticed, I was not walking straight, felt like I was dragging my feet in zigzag motions, I tapped my head to say I was fine. I took more gulps. Then it hit me. As in, i couldn’t control my body but my brain was very active to the happenings. I moved carelessly scratching myself against the wall, hitting my head, I was just twirling in circles but the amazing thing was I was very conscious of what I was feeling but i couldn’t control my movements and my speech. I was very much aware that I was drunk till I passed the reality of that.


I was just babbling, it was like a pull to move, talk and do something. I spill the drink on the floor twice, I missed my way to the bathroom and I also danced, very awkward. As sleep  was about to take its toll and the drink danced in my belly, I puked five different times before going to bed.


Next morning, the feeling was worse. I vowed never to get drunk. If this was what people go through, why drink? Such terrible feeling. I woke up as early as 7AM, for an overnight drunkard and didn’t get myself until past 11AM! I regretted it. I didn’t have the typical hangover like people do, headaches and the likes. What I had was this feeling of indigestion, what happens to me when I eat nonsense that won’t digest. Or was that hang over? What does that even mean? My stomach refused to settle and I was thirsty like I hadn’t taken water for a 100 years! And the more I took water, the more I threw up. I threw up 5 times again that morning. My throat began to hurt and I became scared of taking water. Eventually, I was given hot peppered noodles and a cold water, that was what my stomach later received, i slept off, woke up and became normal.

How I was when I got drunk

Drink Responsibly is a good option for people, always have this on your mind whenever you go on a drinking spree, that’s if you must drink. Otherwise, please do stay away from bottles especially when you are the type that cave in easily.

Lessons I learnt from getting drunk? I’ll tell you.

Lesson one

Never Ever Get Drunk!

The feeling is terrible. You lose your sanity and misbehave big time.
You see people end up sleeping on the roadside or in the toilet. It’s all messed up! And they stink too.
If you must drink, Drink Responsibly, the bottles tells us so, don’t over do it. One bottle for you because you know two, three bottles will get you real high, then one bottle it is.

Lesson Two,

If you must drink, make sure it is safe.

What i mean is, make sure you are not alone and someone else could drive you home. Make sure, there is someone sane around who can take care of you. There are cases where girls got raped and guys were robbed. Anything can happen when one is drunk, one can get hit by a car while attempting to cross the road in that blurry and drunk state.


Lesson three,

if you must drink, consider the effects and how well you can handle it.

Look at the health effects too, it can affect your liver, heart, brain and even the immune system! stomach issues? danger to pregnancy? pot bellies? noisy stomachs? Arrrghh.

My favorite yet handy lesson,

never ever drink!

Some people cannot do without drinking, if you need to get high before a game or a drink will boost your morale, perhaps you want to drown yourself  by getting drunk to wash away an unwanted feeling, I can only tell you to be careful. Life should not be so hard to risk drinking like a horse and end up making things complicated. The end result is bad. Always bad, never been good.

Final lesson.

Still on it. Never ever get drunk,

if you must drink, Drink Responsibly

And stop abusing Alcohol!

A word is enough for the wise.

Ever been drunk or you drink regularly? share your thoughts.

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