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The Singing Doctor: KELVIN ALANEME



From dropping sensational Your Magic to lovely Wahala song to heart rending Higher, Kelvin Alaneme has set his music goals in motion. I had to farabaale and listen to his songs several times looking for big errors but Dr Kelvin has done his homework and he is a man that knows his onions. His producer, shout out to him, Mac-Fash has done well too.

Your Magic is a love song with a calm beat, it could make you hit the dance floor with your partner in some kind of Nigerian salsa dance. At least, that’s what I imagined. Rocking your bodies on the dance floor because if you no dey with ya partner, shakey shakey don start, for you taking him high and high, fire for fire go burn your heart oh….


I love the smooth lyrics, no fuss, no staccato of overlapping lyrics or unnecessary repetitions. It is a simple song to be enjoyed in the comforts of your serenity, for those who are singles, just imagine a babe or guy as your magic and flow into the rhythm. I love the chorus and ending to that song. The introductory beat is one that makes me shake my head like an agama lizard. Maybe I should do a dance video to this song and tag my charming doctor!  That is what nice music does to you. I am in love with Your Magic.

What I particularly liked about Wahala is the traditional African sensation ringing in his voice, in this song, he is completely lost to himself, drowning in the sweetness of the Wahala the babe is giving him. Listen to Wahala and you will hear yourself saying to your babe in your native tongue, chewing gum, you are sweet, waka waka we going…. This song will make you smile sheepishly at the innocence in Dr Kelvin’ s declarations of love!  I once told him I imagined this song being played on a traditional wedding dance floor and for older couples like our mommys and daddys whom we may want to tease with this love song. But Wahala did not grip me like magic and higher did.


Higher which he recently dropped last week has this soothing effect, nothing ambiguous, the instrumentals and the lyrics is a call to elele, seeking God’s face to lift us higher. The chorus is rich in igbo language, and the fact that it is a gospel song that could be sang in churches is enough to download and listen.  Prior to the release, I was opportune to take a sip and listened to the beats. One word, Lovely.  Doctor Kelvin would go places if he keeps up with this, let us make a video for these songs already!


Founder of ALA AFRICA music, a musical entity meant to craft and bring out the beauty of music is a force one to reckon with.

Kelvin Alaneme is a doctor, writer and singer. What intrigues me is his doggedness in achieving his dreams and pursuing what he loves. Most people are usually conflicted within themselves when it comes to purpose and achievement especially the multi-talented. Phone conversations with this charming doctor as I call him reveals him to be a man who would advice you on the things of this world, the need to rise and stand for your goals and pursue them with vigour, the stages you need to pass through your career paths and the resources that can help you soar high!

Ala Africa music would be on everyone’s lips by the time this label releases its magic in full bloom.

MEET Doctor and Artiste Kelvin Alaneme ( DR ALAMS) and take a peek into his insights.

Tell me about Ala Africa.

DR ALAMS: Africa group is a parent company housing a record label ( Ala Africa Music) , a publishing outfit  ( Ala Africa Books) and an idea hub ( Ala Africa Solutions). Right now the focus is on Ala Africa Music, growing the record label, gaining visibility and improving the brand. We are at the verge of expansion.

You have a whole lot going on for you, ever felt choked up?

DR ALAMS: it has not been easy and I try to do one thing at a time. 2015, I didn’t do any music, I worked on my writing. 2016, music. I still do some writing once in a while but the focus is getting published in literary journals.

Tell me about your first song, the first one you ever wrote and the inspiration about it.

My first song was in 2004, “you Alone” was a love song I got inspiration to do after listening to Tuface’s African Queen and the song stuck a deep chord. I set out to do a song with similar impact ( LAUGHS) but it has not been produced.   (Me Aside- we are waiting!)

You recently released two songs, how has the reaction of people made you feel so far?

DR ALAMS: Their reactions have been overwhelming, their feedback have been very helpful and I appreciate the love and support. I know I have lots of mouth to feed, a lot of persons to satisfy with beautiful music. The feed back made me feel accepted.

If you are multi talented, take a cue from Dr Kelvin and hit the waves.

Connect with him on facebook, Kelvin Alaneme and download his songs here.



Your Magic:

Ala Africa: This is a cover song that I love so much, rich and genuine. Download here:

DR ALAMS’ closing remarks: I love my family, friends and fans very much. They should  expect good music from me. In a world where good music is becoming increasingly rare, I will go lengths to provide it.

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