Beyond Perspectives | When Karma Tells A Story II

When Karma Tell A Story


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There’s that time the sky darkens over, lugubrious clouds hanging low blocking out even the littlest hope of sun rays. It’s a cycle, this thing. Rainfall, sunshine, the cloud spilling darkness over everywhere, a darkness that grows even now across my heart. Something always brings us to this point, the point where perspective change.

I’ve always believed that the night was just a break for the day. So I looked forward to each day every night. I looked forward to the morning when your cries ceased, when you managed to smile. I lived for those times, those mornings, those days, those rays of invaluable sunshine. You even joked and laughed then. The night was just a break, however terrible, that was all it was.

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Water In Hell

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Two nights in a roll and life is a living hell.
Only it burn in a cage with one rickety window my brain didn’t see.
I see only a ray of light and the mad woman who kept ranting and foaming in the mouth.
I know she is sick.
So am I.
Kidnapped, tortured, chained and injected for no reason, I lie very still in my tied up position and watch the masked face bring in water.
I thought there is no water in hell fire.
The mad woman pounce on him but his laser gives away, he is soon out of sight.
She launch forward in that rage, spittle all over. I watch, what the drug does to my body is to make me grow limp but I do not know how this woman fought it, perhaps, she had been here for too long and somehow her body managed to resist.
 She comes at me and I pee on my pants.  Scary, she looks at me like a puppy searching its mother’s face and suddenly leap up to the window above me and force it open. How? I don’t know.
“Help me friend please” I whisper, the chains are bearing painful marks on my wrists now.
She growls before jumping out.
“I don’t have any friends, only allies and they are on the barter system.”



A loud ring, Maria hissed. “What do you want?” her voice coarse, a hint of disgust.
“I am sorry Maria, I didn’t mean to-”
“Did I hear you say that? Five years and counting since you left mother!”
“I know, that is why I am calling” he replied.
“You are just irresponsible, if you really cared, you shouldn’t have called.” With anger welling up her throat as she pressed the red button.
The office was bubbling with incessant chatter but Maria stood by the window lost in thought. Suddenly her phone rang; she knew who it was.
“Girl, your phone?” Tonia, her colleague said, placing the phone on the window pane. Maria shrugged and her eyes caught the caller ID, it wasn’t her father. Curious, she picked it recognizing his voice at once.  “Why the hell will you-“
“Maria listen,” his voice sounded rushed and alarming, “all the years I left you and your mother was to protect you from the syndicate I worked with, a man is walking into your office right now, leave quietly at once. He is coming to kill you.
Maria darted about in panic, wondering if she should call the police. Instinctively, she walked out through the opposite end of the office.
“Do not enter your car, it may be dangerous, turn left, there is a cab stationed there for you. Tell him code blue, he would bring you to me.” The line went dead.
Maria had barely stepped out of the office when she heard gun shots. She shrieked and ran, her attacker in hot pursuit. Spotting the cab, Maria entered in swiftly but the driver would not   move. “Code blue!” She shouted and the car roared into life as her pursuer fired shots at them. Maria looked back in time and wept.