The Purple Review | Up Nepa By Iyanu Adebiyi

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Escape, A Short Fiction

What Many Nigerians Don’t Get

Imagine yourself in total darkness, no access to light or anything that will bring you electricity. After what seem like eternity, your light bulb laughed. There is light, what do you say? Up Nepa!

On October 1st, when I was still contemplating if I should make a blog post celebrating Nigeria or not, that was before I saw some disturbing green white green photos, I came across a brilliant spoken word piece, unique in its style with a bit of open curiosity. When Iyanu adebiyi showed us the teaser of this poetic piece on the shoreline of Facebook, I didn’t know what to expect. I wondered what she meant by Up Nepa and I was amused. Little did I know what was up her sleeves. 

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