Nigeria At 56 | What Many Nigerians Don’t Really Get

If you are very sure you are a Nigerian, you are welcome to read, if you are skeptical, it’s pointless but still read and turn a new leaf, if you are lost or have no idea, your case is in the supreme court, you are disowned.

Nigeria’s 56th jubilee was yesterday and it didn’t quite dawn on me until I checked Facebook and saw the air across the blue white interface.

Then I came across something I will soon touch on. This post is late but it is worthwhile. Yes Nigeria is in recession, ( please leave President Buhari out of this matter oh, na wetin e meet for ground)  yes things are hard, people are fuming and probably cursing. Dollar rate is high and every thing seem tough. Continue reading “Nigeria At 56 | What Many Nigerians Don’t Really Get”