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Tiredness May Be An Excuse After All. | Talk Truth, I Know You Are Tired, Lisa Kokoko At It Again.


Have you ever heard someone say they are tired? Silly question. Let me rephrase. How many times have you heard people say they’re tired? ┬áPlenty times!

I say it too and yes it really isn’t a big deal anymore. See we have heard all over the world, people placing banners and mounting speakers shouting on their voices about time to shine, strive to excel and the motivation kinikan.

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Which One Is Brother Brother? Carry Your Bukarta! By Lisa Kokoko Heels.

Catwalks in and collapses into a chair, lights up a cigarette, puff out smoke, eyes blink giphy heelsrepeatedly as if to wade off an uneasy settling of a perching fly. Suddenly, there is head movement, first tilted to the right,then to the left as if in observation of something forlorn.

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