Hey Eyebrows! | You Don’t Know Me Yet


The first time, you raised a question and I lost touch with my chords in a bid to give  an introduction.

You don’t know who I am yet.

Then came subtle kisses and holding of hands. For a minute in a sec, I thought it was pretty but

pretty is not as good. It was beautiful.

Your eyes always made gestures as if your brows were dancing on a work free day. Your smile

captures the very essence of the fine lines, reminds me every time I look at the mirror, it is not

my reflection I see.

I see a very sweet sweet man whose full eyebrows helps me raise the questions, ‘what would it

be?” and “who is he?”

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Vacuum Of Distance.

Each night I sit on this fading porch,
Whistling away into the ears of the dark,
Tho you’re far a thousand miles away,
A greater distance spans my heart,
My mouth smiles, yet tears fill my eyes,
For the many unfulfilled fantasies of mine.download (4) Continue reading “Vacuum Of Distance.”