god versus beast? | How Do You Make It?

I know of a god; he is you and he is me. He is made of every essence possible but he has this Achilles hill…HE IS ALSO A BEAST!
One; Everyone I know, I mean EVERY HUMAN that my eyes and ears have had knowledge of- whether good, bad, ugly. They all need to survive.
Two; Much more, they all need to find expression and be the god they are.

Three; There is a struggle, a fight, a war…It reminds me of a story about some Jewish builders who were carrying out the construction of temple walls in the heat of an uproar. They held swords in one hand, mortar and trowel in the other. In EVERYWHERE and in EVERYONE here on earth is the beast and the god at war. For some, the god has more victory over the beast, for many the beast is at feast. It was Paulus Romanus code named 724 who exclaimed; “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from this body of death?”
I know of a god, he is you and he is me. He is made of every essence possible but he has this Achilles hill… HE HAS A BEAST!
Somewhere around 1210 BC, Dreadlock son of Judges, code named 1619 said these prayers before he committed suicide; “O Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee only this once…”EVERY lion I have met has at least a spike in his paws, and they are in four categories.
Some have adapted to it.  Some have their movement slowed down. Some others are not moving. The forth keep moving while they remove the spike one by one.
At some point, one could blame nature or creation for the imperfection and unfairness of life. Today it’s in your favour, tomorrow it is against you. We wake up one day to consciousness to discover the class of family we were born into, the personality type we carry, the habits we suddenly discover but know not where they came from, and so many other things. But come to think of it, that’s the way it is here on earth. Disequilibrium and chaos theory! The good question should be how winners made it despite the unfairness and imbalance of nature. Sincerely that’s my question to you. Excuses don’t cut it. Life has been unfair since whenever, embrace that fact and deliberately beat your portion out of life. Be aware of the beasts and seek creative ways to tame it.

Paul Shola Oguntade

Creative Director, AVAN House.    


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IMPOSE YOUR WILL. | On Crushing Validations

Your unhealthy desire for acceptance is killing you. You frantically seek approval from a board of advisors comprising mortals in makeup and suits, who are really just as lost and afraid.

Do you not see that you’re robbing the universe of your divinity? Don’t you realize that you’re robbing humanity of your originality?

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If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, You Will End Up Somewhere Else. | The Definiteness Of Purpose

Tayo looked up to the fig tree that stood opposite his father’s house and expressed disapproval. He knew what would happen once his father got back from his trip. The tree had disappointed him again. For over three years, this tree had refused to bear any fruits despite it being properly catered for.

Father had asked him for the umpteenth time if it had started to grow fruits but got a negative response much to his disappointment. He had wanted to entertain his visitors that day.

One sunday evening, Tayo welcomed his father home but before he could take his bags into his room, his father barked in anger,
” Tayo! get people to cut that useless tree down!”

In life, when one refuse to bear fruits, one would be cut down because no relevance can be identified. What you make of yourself today tells of who you would be in the future. A lot of people fail to realise their bearing in life. Three of such people are:
People who do not have any bearing and are manifesting uselessness.
Those who have lost their true bearing and bring poor fruits to the table.
Thirdly, those who are yet to or find it hard to discover their bearing.

The fig tree ended somewhere else; in the bush, cut and burnt.

Identify your identity. That burning need that births a purpose. What problem aches your heart and what solutions can you provide to that? WHO ARE YOU and WHERE EXACTLY are you going?  Every great potential has a direction that yields positive results.

Despite the pruning and cares of life, the fig tree refused to grow while others were blooming and flourishing. Better to cut it down. The same applies to anyone that doesn’t maximise his life potentials but sits on the shores of laziness, frivolities and what have you, waiting for the next rainbow to appear.

Napoleon Hill said, ‘There is one quality that one must possess to win and that is the DEFINITENESS OF  PURPOSE, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to achieve it. The fig tree had no purpose so it became useless.

Find that purpose and let the world see your fruits!



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Seventy Times Seven and more.

George Orwell wrote, ‘progress is not an illusion, it happens but it is slow and invariably disappointing.

Let me tell you a story. A great man in the sight of his master , valiant soldier in battle, highly regarded and skillful. He had everything he wanted but one problem persisted. He had leprosy and upon advice, he went downtown for a cure and was instructed to wash himself in the river seven times. it sounded ridiculous to him because, he thought he would receive his healing just with the snap of a finger. To tell him, a big man to wash in a river was like wasting his time. He was also upset that he had been instructed to wash in a small dirty river incomparable to other kinds of rivers. The prophet even sent someone to tell him, he didn’t come out to see him.
Fortunately, his servants talked some sense into him, if the prophet said to do something great, he would have done it, what should stop him from dipping himself into the river and be cleansed? This man heeded the advice and got cured. Naaman was his name.
Life is about persistence and it is the drive towards our goals that will bring about this persistence. How much do you believe in your dreams that you can persevere for? Before a lot of things we have at our disposal today became relevant, it went through various processes only possible through an energy of perseverance. It is not how many times you fall that counts, it is how many times you rise when you fall. Success is the beginning of failure, there are no short routes to greatness. It is in your ability to fail over and over again that you can gather the recipes to cook a beautiful meal. You burn your fingers in the process, you fix the pot and pans on the stove, you fetch the water you need to cook, you mix the spices and more. Everything comes with a process and a price.
It takes rugged persistence to set dreams in motion and for it manifest in great folds. In the place of persistence, there is a period of waiting, counting your days and watching your stats on when you would make that big dream a reality.
Naaman was instructed to wash himself seven times in order to be whole, on the pursuit to greatness, goal achievement and what you set you mind to do, you will pass hurdles and if you fail seventy times, then rise seventy times seven if you have to. George Orwell’s quote, rapid progress is not always possible.   
If you are faint, you probably will not get there, if you rest, oh yea, you will rust. If you seek alternatives in the wrong places instead of tightening your loose ends, you will fall flat on your face and start all over. You may just be getting near that greatness.
Your body, soul and spirit needs to be involved in the process of dream actualization.
Keep your hope and dreams alive seventy times seven and more.
Push until you get what you want out of life. 
And always pray, HE hears.
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