Be A god, the one you denied.

It’s locked but i am talking unlock!

Perhaps our roughest moments are not those that defy us but ones that mar us to define us.

Maybe the cries we stifle inside carries the weight of unspoken sighs.

Do you think if you let go, you will fall flat on your face without walking aglow?

Perhaps the beautiful times are forgotten and the harder times are remembered only to become more beautiful than it used to be.

What if it is all a facade, a myth or anything and you are living a dream you are yet to realise?

Why hope for a better tomorrow when today is gone and tomorrow is here?

33 years and a 40; Jesus and Moses.
But why are rushing, sighing, grasping the wind and emptying it into a basket?

So Solomon said vanity is vanity and you agreed your vanity is vain because you seek things that are vain and your vanity will not let your vain rest so you become vanity in all that is vanity, all is vanity.

Maybe you should kill your fears and be re born. How many times should you turn the other cheek? Seventy times seven.
How many times should you try just one more time and live?

Over seventy, times seventy times seven.
Till you be a god.
The one you denied long time ago.

From Genesis.