Hey Eyebrows! | You Don’t Know Me Yet


The first time, you raised a question and I lost touch with my chords in a bid to give  an introduction.

You don’t know who I am yet.

Then came subtle kisses and holding of hands. For a minute in a sec, I thought it was pretty but

pretty is not as good. It was beautiful.

Your eyes always made gestures as if your brows were dancing on a work free day. Your smile

captures the very essence of the fine lines, reminds me every time I look at the mirror, it is not

my reflection I see.

I see a very sweet sweet man whose full eyebrows helps me raise the questions, ‘what would it

be?” and “who is he?”

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#In the spirit of valentine!

A 10-15 story line of people’s valentine day celebration/story.

#1.  From Lisa’s Fiction Box:  So it happens that we are in the spirit of love but I ain’t got no loving, I mean I am tired of the rants about valentine’s day that  has been on for the past two days and finally valentine is here! hippie! this is my Meet My Valentine story inspired by one televised short clip.

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