Gambler Bae Or Just Plain Grind And Luck? | Playing Texas Lottery


” So Enny  you have turned to a gambler?”

” No nah, it is just like a game” was my reply when I told someone I played the Texas lottery.

Many people are of the disposition that playing the lottery is tantamount to gambling but that one no concern me oh. Not when money is involved and don’t even give me that crap about the how the love of money is the root of evil. Ye all just like to deceive yaselves and throw things out of context. So if  I decIde to particIpate in a lottery game and I win a million bucks, would you say I was gambling or just plain luck? if I give you half of the money, would you take it or let it be? You decide pal.

Besides, there are genuine reasons for setting up this game. For instance, some of the scratch offs were created to cater for schools and veterans. The Texas A and M one dollar scratch off ticket is one fine example. I do not know all the details but I do know we are all playing this game and everyone wants to hit the jackpot!

Let me tell you what happened, remember, I didn’t come here to play, in as much as I have to watch, learn and take my steps one at a time, I am here to milk on the long run, no dulling.

So I played the Texas lottery where I worked about four to five times and I won between 1 dollar to 5 dollars. The highest I ever won in the past was 25 dollars from a 5 dollar scratch off ticket. Call me gambler, your own free thought ticket.

My Super Win!

There is this particular lady with “good hands,” anytime she buys a ticket, she always win. Not small money oh, from 20 dollars to 150 dollars on a 5 dollar scratch off ( I know ye all thinking the money is small but haba calm down, you gave 5 dollars and won a hundred? common, don’t be a wide mouth! )  There is this other man that even plays bigger sums, he plays a 50 dollar scratch off and sometimes loses and he still keeps buying. I do not know how some people keep losing and keep buying, not me oh. I am buying just to win please. But on some days, he had good wins.

I was proud of this woman, yes. She wins all the time. I asked her how she manages to know what ticket would win abi she be winch? she says she just chooses anyone she fancy. Ah! you must choose one for me then, me too I want to be a winner. She said no problem. She buys more ticket, told me she needed the receipt, something unusual of her, then handed me a 5 dollar scratch off and the receipt.  ” That’s for you” she says. ehn, I was full of thanks. I was excted that oh my goodness, what if I win 1 million from this hand blessed from heaven.

Hehhehehe I waited till noon, scratched off the ticket and frowned that the winning numbers didn’t match, then my eye caught something, I had hit a triple 7 according to the ticket, whatever amount is on the number is tripled and there was a 50 on it. I freaking won 150 dollars from a 5 dollar scratch off that I didn’t even buy. Holy cow! oh my….  I was flabbergasted. hehehehhehe I went happily to the cashier to cash out my money and he told me it was not a winner, my eyes were like “see no dey follow me play rough play oh”  but then he said he was joking and was equally excited for me. I was only too happy to share my story to him.  Yes keh.

They said we should be humble in the days of small beginnings, here i am, I am humble as shii by being too shocked to realize I just won 150 dollars without working my ass off. Me that I am broke like kinikan.  If ye be broke here, oga ya on your own mehn. No Iya Basira, I will pay you later.

Hehheheh maybe you don’t know what that feels like. If someone walks up to you in America and dashes you 50 dollars, note that the holy spirit sent him ‘cos nothing is for free.

So I have 150 dollars in my hands now and I still cannot believe it. Who wants to buy anything, tell me what you want now, heheheheh

And tell me if I should not play more.

Don’t worry, I already bought the 5 dollar lone star combo. I must win by fire by force. Say Amen!




Is It Really About Equality Or Something Else? | Feminist Rants

Like play play, the gender inequality they preached to us in our notes back in school has turned to feminist rants these days. Should we go back to our textbooks and teach these feminists what inequality truly means in the actual sense?

The question of equality has never been my business until I came across something that made me rant enough is enough.

I am done hearing this thing, feminist ranting about equality and kinikan one thing one thing. For a while, I observed different posts on facebook arguing without ends on why women should be taken as men equals. Oh that’s their problem, what normally amuse me is when these arguements are flying on the third mainland bridge in Nigeria, having  no basis and actual sense. Inequality is one, debasement is another. Please what are you talking about exactly?

Let us look at this case, how can you declare a common poster, poster oh, a caption! How can you bring your feminist self to it? How dare you? washing off whatever it was meant to portray by your tirade rant?

Fox apologises for X-Men: Apocalypse promo image of Jennifer Lawrence being strangled. –Apology my foot!

One Actress said, “there is no context in the ad, just a woman getting strangled- (if it is a man nko?) The fact that no one flagged this is offensive and frankly stupid...

And that feminist website is saying, when Jennifer i.e mystique finally got a leadership role, this strangulation happened! I cannot laugh, she even said what we have here is a naked woman being choked by a man three times her size. Oh goodness! That naked woman is an actress acting a choking role!

It is just a picture, a film for goodness sake, why so serious? I mean, it’s X-Men! what freaking context are you looking for? If women are brutalised, misused and misplaced, It is okay to advocate for them and help them, cloth them- in bible terms,  not tramp on a poster, take it out elsewere please.

I am tired of hearing that the misfortunes and what have you that happened to some women are based on the weight of man’s superiority and inequality against woman. Come to think of it, why don’t you leave the whole  question of feminism, equality and shit out of the equation and actually look into the matter of  how everyone can better be their brother’s keeper however little?

Are you not tired of this already? Instead of shouting feminist rules upandan, rules you cannot even tell left from right, nothing you know about, why not establsih yourself and make men fall at your feet, shey that is what you want.

Dear ever zealous upside down feminist, here is what I think.

The question of equality should be ruled out when it comes to men and women because that is not what it should be about. So called people shouting equality. Let me tell you,
In some sets of experiences, men and women are not equal. No matter how much you struggle to paint equality on it or advocate for equality. They can’t be identical,
They can’t be compared, they can’t be the same, Man and woman are not equal. It is not possible for a man and woman to have the same set of values. But what a man and woman can have is a set of shared values. When we have set of shared values and recognise this also, then we can talk about equity. With sense.
( how can you say that in a poster of X-men apocalypse promo image of mystique being strangulated depicts feminine debasement?)
Because that is what these so called struggle is exactly about. And most either don’t know or have their ideas of it misplaced.

Ogbenis and madam feminist, abeg go siddon.

I don’t even know what you people are ranting about.



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