Buckle My Shoe | Letter Of The Unknown


I remember the songs now. Halfway. The one we chant late into the night. It meant anything to me now But It catches my fancy today. And it somehow spreads a thin line of an awkward smile across my sullen cheeks. I have had enough to deal with inwardly that the chorus seeped through my mind and somehow want to sting my eyes.

No, I did actually got stung. I flutter my eyelids begging them not to spill because this my present façade of a being; against the one that wrestles inside will shatter the isolation of thoughts to anyone who comes asking what is wrong. They seem to have merge, finding a compromise to tell me hey girl, it is that bad you can no longer cheer and everyone will note it because you are not very good at hiding.

I was at the edge of running mad in water. I said to myself just before I penned this down.

Leave. Go outside and rage. Facing the toilet mirror and pour it all out.

A bolt was coming, I saw it coming but somehow I had fought it and stood my ground.

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A loud ring, Maria hissed. “What do you want?” her voice coarse, a hint of disgust.
“I am sorry Maria, I didn’t mean to-”
“Did I hear you say that? Five years and counting since you left mother!”
“I know, that is why I am calling” he replied.
“You are just irresponsible, if you really cared, you shouldn’t have called.” With anger welling up her throat as she pressed the red button.
The office was bubbling with incessant chatter but Maria stood by the window lost in thought. Suddenly her phone rang; she knew who it was.
“Girl, your phone?” Tonia, her colleague said, placing the phone on the window pane. Maria shrugged and her eyes caught the caller ID, it wasn’t her father. Curious, she picked it recognizing his voice at once.  “Why the hell will you-“
“Maria listen,” his voice sounded rushed and alarming, “all the years I left you and your mother was to protect you from the syndicate I worked with, a man is walking into your office right now, leave quietly at once. He is coming to kill you.
Maria darted about in panic, wondering if she should call the police. Instinctively, she walked out through the opposite end of the office.
“Do not enter your car, it may be dangerous, turn left, there is a cab stationed there for you. Tell him code blue, he would bring you to me.” The line went dead.
Maria had barely stepped out of the office when she heard gun shots. She shrieked and ran, her attacker in hot pursuit. Spotting the cab, Maria entered in swiftly but the driver would not   move. “Code blue!” She shouted and the car roared into life as her pursuer fired shots at them. Maria looked back in time and wept.