the sun is out but the slap you received
makes you dart about.
she is round about and makes a fuss
of how incapable you are
but you cannot hear but to wipe a tear.

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chief’s pretty house lies afar
to see him to help you mark your time
from the remains of your shop
to the paper that would save your lot
so on your tattered sokoto, you set out.


how you long to be at peace and riches
elegance in style bears the name of your thoughts.
as chief’s pretty wife opens up the door
to let you take in the breath of wealth
something you wish to devour.

welcome! he says to you
tired lines spread across your eyes
it told of hardship and the things to come.
join me, it is a merry day
chief has set the dinner-cast it asunder.

the pretty wife pleaded
you set your hands to the meal
you could do to fill up a sac or two within
lest your wife does not fancy you to feed
just about the time, the door bell rings.

a white paper on her soft palms dancing beside her hips
after Chief ‘s orders: one person stands at the door
and long he was gone, you settle to your request
to get the papers for your shop and not be dismayed
was a welcomed idea gone too soon.

and while you were eating pepper soup
another man he gave the last paper out
leaving you to suffer in a sweat breakout.
because you let a moment pass to your belly
another damage has done you silly!
for you rest and you rust.

Whenever you are tired silly of working and trying to achieve, re visit your goals, and rise up to push through, You don’t rest when you are tired- you rust if you do, you rest when you are done!  Never sleep through your break.

Do not give room for Cowardice


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From the corners of my mind.


We can’t predict our life, no one has clearly been able to. At best we can anticipate what it could turn out to be.

The Curiosity that comes with the unknown is a gift; without it men would remain passive and not be creators of their destiny. Choice then willpower are the greatest gifts God gave us, it bestows upon us responsibility.

Hence, we must then know that tomorrow is Beautiful only because we are decorating Today.

Secondly, it’s a Journey;
Precept upon precept,
Lines upon Lines,
One page at a time before another.
That is the metaphor of our lives as HUMANS.


As you grow and advance in life be flexible, spontaneous and SENSITIVE at all times.

#Spill 2


We count our days using a calendar.

Look at it very well, our DAYS on earth follow a linear progression like the calendar date; day 1,2,3,4,5…..70….. n.

Look A Little CLOSER again and observe the TIMELINE OF YOUR LIFE. Our lives does not make a linear progression as the calendar time.

I’ll explain.  spill2

Career Coaching would tell you to plan your life; where do you want to end, then what are the 1,2,3,4….n steps that would get you there, once you can answer these questions and follow through, your dreams would come through.

NOTE: planning is a good thing to do, I do it and I will strongly advice it any time.

But there’s a wisdom here to learn, and it has to do with SENSITIVITY, FLEXIBILITY and being SPONTANEOUS.

Take me by my word, five years from now, if your dreams did come through, you would tell me that it didn’t happen exactly how you planned it. You would tell me some unexpected channels helped you out. You would tell me that it didn’t all turn out as you planned.

You would tell me that your dreams came through, but in many ways you never foresaw.

My friend that is life, our life.
Though we number our days by the linear progression of the calendar, our lives would however progress in a DYNAMIC way.

So what’s the use of this whole article?

Be flexible, sensitive, and Spontaneous.
Don’t be so rigid that you miss out of the unexpected great.

Embrace opportunities even though they scare you and are not according to plan, even if they appear like a distraction. As long as they would provide;

Better Platform
Healthy Network and
Build Strength in you.

Go for it.

Though the DAYS of our life follow the same linear progression as a calendar, our LIFE however is dynamic and not linear.

Strive. Survive.


Paul Shola Oguntade

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Irony Of The Matter.

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Drawn up in the aches of life,

Crawled up in a battle with tears,

I read a tale of fear, mine was a little unfair.

A touch of worth on my side,

A hand of despair my fair share,

Say it about my being rare, irony on sale!

My touch of care on a soul, accounts for a role,

Play up my part, battle of wits, challenge coiled up in faith.

Loosened up for hate- of a world in vague.

So if I boil with frustration, bitterness or better yet with

Hope, relief and still sit on some courage to find my rich storage,

Know what it is about.

The swinging of people and my pot of gold,

The irony of the matter.

Buried on papers, there goes my matters!

I need no soap of washing! I’ll rather drown,

in the bubbles of a wonderful something.

Even in darkness comes a certificate of ugly fineness-

What seems in vogue.

Talk about life with a mix of feelings,

Rising or standing still.

But what would you say if I choose to stay,

Away from what seems to be of late?

They say don’t give room to wait,

I know what your eyes have seen mate,

You sow and who reaps?

Tell me why I wouldn’t flinch!

I want no life on lease.

I perceive an odour of deceit, am pissed!

I pass through fire, you stall and get on higher,

I am a fighter, going by it tighter!

But have you thought about it?

The irony of the matter.

Deep in the realms of life lies treasures to find,

Knocked down? Abandoned? Rise to fight! Put aside.

In the sand of time,

I shall have my due of gold!

You  need not be told,

So go on with your laughter

We know who is the better

And that is the irony of the matter!

Seventy Times Seven and more.

George Orwell wrote, ‘progress is not an illusion, it happens but it is slow and invariably disappointing.

Let me tell you a story. A great man in the sight of his master , valiant soldier in battle, highly regarded and skillful. He had everything he wanted but one problem persisted. He had leprosy and upon advice, he went downtown for a cure and was instructed to wash himself in the river seven times. it sounded ridiculous to him because, he thought he would receive his healing just with the snap of a finger. To tell him, a big man to wash in a river was like wasting his time. He was also upset that he had been instructed to wash in a small dirty river incomparable to other kinds of rivers. The prophet even sent someone to tell him, he didn’t come out to see him.
Fortunately, his servants talked some sense into him, if the prophet said to do something great, he would have done it, what should stop him from dipping himself into the river and be cleansed? This man heeded the advice and got cured. Naaman was his name.
Life is about persistence and it is the drive towards our goals that will bring about this persistence. How much do you believe in your dreams that you can persevere for? Before a lot of things we have at our disposal today became relevant, it went through various processes only possible through an energy of perseverance. It is not how many times you fall that counts, it is how many times you rise when you fall. Success is the beginning of failure, there are no short routes to greatness. It is in your ability to fail over and over again that you can gather the recipes to cook a beautiful meal. You burn your fingers in the process, you fix the pot and pans on the stove, you fetch the water you need to cook, you mix the spices and more. Everything comes with a process and a price.
It takes rugged persistence to set dreams in motion and for it manifest in great folds. In the place of persistence, there is a period of waiting, counting your days and watching your stats on when you would make that big dream a reality.
Naaman was instructed to wash himself seven times in order to be whole, on the pursuit to greatness, goal achievement and what you set you mind to do, you will pass hurdles and if you fail seventy times, then rise seventy times seven if you have to. George Orwell’s quote, rapid progress is not always possible.   
If you are faint, you probably will not get there, if you rest, oh yea, you will rust. If you seek alternatives in the wrong places instead of tightening your loose ends, you will fall flat on your face and start all over. You may just be getting near that greatness.
Your body, soul and spirit needs to be involved in the process of dream actualization.
Keep your hope and dreams alive seventy times seven and more.
Push until you get what you want out of life. 
And always pray, HE hears.
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Be A god, the one you denied.

It’s locked but i am talking unlock!

Perhaps our roughest moments are not those that defy us but ones that mar us to define us.

Maybe the cries we stifle inside carries the weight of unspoken sighs.

Do you think if you let go, you will fall flat on your face without walking aglow?

Perhaps the beautiful times are forgotten and the harder times are remembered only to become more beautiful than it used to be.

What if it is all a facade, a myth or anything and you are living a dream you are yet to realise?

Why hope for a better tomorrow when today is gone and tomorrow is here?

33 years and a 40; Jesus and Moses.
But why are rushing, sighing, grasping the wind and emptying it into a basket?

So Solomon said vanity is vanity and you agreed your vanity is vain because you seek things that are vain and your vanity will not let your vain rest so you become vanity in all that is vanity, all is vanity.

Maybe you should kill your fears and be re born. How many times should you turn the other cheek? Seventy times seven.
How many times should you try just one more time and live?

Over seventy, times seventy times seven.
Till you be a god.
The one you denied long time ago.

From Genesis.

Karma, Common Sense And Everything In Between.

Just clear the fog in your eyes, it is nice to know how everything will make sense eventually and karma don’t need to bother.

Karma, they say is a bitch! So is common sense, when it is not common.

Regardless of who we are and the things we want, our sense of reasoning should never cloud our sense of judgement.
Judgement? Should we even judge at all? Maybe we could sit down and think about certain things in our lives that are not right and judge them.

Judge that, not other people.
Judge your own flaws, the one that keeps slapping you in the face when you point a finger.
Judge your shortcomings, the one that made you fail so many times.
Judge your fears, the one that tears up your face embarrassing your kind.
Judge your speech, the one that says garbage and sense at the same time.
Judge your impact, affluence, influence or a downturn?
Judge your presence, what story does it tell in your absence.
Judge every damn thing that the judge of your life will query you for.

Not think about the irrelevancies and unworthy stuffs that crawls up on the edge of our lives, stealing away moments.
But our sense of reasoning, the one that determines good versus evil births some kind of judgement.
So why not judge you? When you judge yourself, you reach that point where you have to judge no more.

Because a constant check in your mortal self will keep you in check. So when karma comes crawling like a bitch, it doesn’t bitch you out.
And when common sense is not so common, you will make a lot of sense.

Stuck In Somewhere.

Stuck in somewhere, somewhere on the elevator, you didn’t panic at first, you were sure it would work out fine. You hit the buttons but no it wasn’t moving, the arrows wouldn’t blink.

Perhaps this was pay back for being such a jack ass. You had kissed your best friend’s boyfriend in more ways than one and you had not been able to stop herself. Now the elevator seem to be  saying to you. ” I cannot help myself, i cannot help you unless you help yourself”

You sank to the floor and tried to place a call but network would not permit. The elevator walls were closing in and you felt suffocated, you couldn’t breath and you start to panic. The only thought on your mind was how to tell the secret to your best friend and how she would react.

It seems like you were choking as you held your throat and tried to yelp but no, you couldn’t. You coughed and silently said to yourself,

“Okay, i’ll let it out, i’ll let it out.”

You said this in repetitions and did not notice your best friend crawled up beside you, holding your hands. The elevator seem to have miraculously opened and faces were staring down at you.

“Rosie, are you okay? what is it you want to let out?”

Acting Over * spins around and face audience on paper*

Have you ever been in that corner, that hidden and uncomfortable space where you get so choked up in the bile of what you kept on for too long?

You know you need to let out but somehow, you can’t. Perhaps your fear is that people may blame you for taking certain actions, or that people may tag you selfish or maybe they won’t really understand it was something you had to do that was beyond you.

Or you just like to be consumed by your own little space and enjoy the freedom of keeping things to yourself.  Perhaps, the question is if keeping things to yourself, whether bad or good, is healthy?

I know about it being unhealthy in some ways, i mean it’s okay to keep things to yourself and cherish each moment to savor the freedom of secrecy but it is not okay to keep things to yourself every time. Things that can spoil the beauty of friendships like in Rosie’s, things that can kill you softly because you seem consumed by uncertainties. It is not easy letting go of one’s thoughts but it makes a whole lot of sense being in the right frame of mind, having nothing to hold back against yourself or anyone. Most importantly, having person(s) to share your moments with.

Speaking up releases the tension of bottling up something for so long. It puts us away from being stuck in somewhere.

What works best for you when you are stuck in somewhere?

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Identity | I Am Me, You Are You.


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On the question of IDENTITY.
I Am Me, You Are Not.

I is another.  Arthur Rimbaud.

There comes a point in many people’s lives when they can no longer play the role they have chosen for themselves. When that happens, we are like actors finding that someone has changed the play.
Brian Moore.

How do you see yourself? And,what is the most important part of your identity? sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class status,nationality,religious affiliation, your age, your political beliefs? Is there one part of your identity that stands out from the rest. Perhaps identity is a social concept of moving change; maybe identity change depending on who you’re with, what you’re involved in, where you are in your life?

Growth is change, to accept growth is to accept a change to oneself. Negative or positive. It is often said that we are of two natures, evil and good. The side we choose to nurture, determines who we are. This means we can determine the course of our lives and what we intend to do to influence the world.

If I decide to turn a thief or something else today irrespective of surrounding factors such as pressure, then it is because I chose to be a thief. Perhaps we cannot truly define what defines us and some of us may be weak to accept what lies within us. For those who go through various situations and are shaped by such, can we say that they finally became who they are by such circumstances? I do not think so. “What ifs” poses a string of limitations to that question. What if that is truly who they are and such circumstances shines a path to exactly who they are? Or what if, that is not who they are but issues beyond springs them into acting another life’s role play,
Sex and gender though used interchangeable is not my point of discussion here but it reflects a lot on who we are what we are to become? Would it matter if a woman plays the role of a man and vice versa? Maybe, maybe not.

Perhaps the question of identity should be based on how experiences plays us on the journey across life. Every point of contact is a determining influence on one’s identity. This is what makes identity a subconscious changing focal point. What I am today is not necessarily what I am tomorrow and what I am tomorrow doesn’t tell what I had been in the past. Perhaps, this is why we age, even our mind age with us. The things you knew as a child becomes clearer as an adult.
Besides the physiological elements, there are other factors, psychological and emotional factors attached to identity, things like emotional intelligence, self-esteem, personality traits, knowledge base, behaviors and more that demands how our identity is formed.

But identity is a question of experience and relations. Who are you beyond who you are?

James Baldwin may be right when he said, an identity would seem to be arrived at by the way in which the person faces and uses his experience.
Stacy pours hot coffee on my new dress, I am upset, the identity that says I am upset because of what Stacy has done even if it was a mistake. This is me, not Stacy, not you. If I choose to get mad at Stacy for long, then I may develop a certain identity in anger and may need anger management classes as my years advance, or maybe not. I forgive Stacy and move on. Another option, I learn from such an experience, imbibe the principles associated with such experience and let it determine who I am?

Perhaps, this is why the question of identity is a moving question in itself. Going back to Brian Moore’s words, what am I, what are you and what is he? We find new things about ourselves each day but our dominant identity, one that says, I am who I am and what I do is this, remains the same when we finally find it. When we find ourselves on certain roles only to switch as we age or grow, then someone else has changed the script for us, some circumstance, some person, some life event, something. Your identity is a question of experience; one that determines who you truly are. Know your identity or let others define it for you. What differentiates us is “I am me, everything that is me is me and what I do is me”
I am me, and you are not.
You are you and I am not.

What does identity mean to you? A deeper reflection of who your are or a superficial knowledge of what tags you are associated with in the society?

Watch this nice video i found on you tube, listen more.