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We can’t predict our life, no one has clearly been able to. At best we can anticipate what it could turn out to be.

The Curiosity that comes with the unknown is a gift; without it men would remain passive and not be creators of their destiny. Choice then willpower are the greatest gifts God gave us, it bestows upon us responsibility.

Hence, we must then know that tomorrow is Beautiful only because we are decorating Today.

Secondly, it’s a Journey;
Precept upon precept,
Lines upon Lines,
One page at a time before another.
That is the metaphor of our lives as HUMANS.


As you grow and advance in life be flexible, spontaneous and SENSITIVE at all times.

#Spill 2


We count our days using a calendar.

Look at it very well, our DAYS on earth follow a linear progression like the calendar date; day 1,2,3,4,5…..70….. n.

Look A Little CLOSER again and observe the TIMELINE OF YOUR LIFE. Our lives does not make a linear progression as the calendar time.

I’ll explain.  spill2

Career Coaching would tell you to plan your life; where do you want to end, then what are the 1,2,3,4….n steps that would get you there, once you can answer these questions and follow through, your dreams would come through.

NOTE: planning is a good thing to do, I do it and I will strongly advice it any time.

But there’s a wisdom here to learn, and it has to do with SENSITIVITY, FLEXIBILITY and being SPONTANEOUS.

Take me by my word, five years from now, if your dreams did come through, you would tell me that it didn’t happen exactly how you planned it. You would tell me some unexpected channels helped you out. You would tell me that it didn’t all turn out as you planned.

You would tell me that your dreams came through, but in many ways you never foresaw.

My friend that is life, our life.
Though we number our days by the linear progression of the calendar, our lives would however progress in a DYNAMIC way.

So what’s the use of this whole article?

Be flexible, sensitive, and Spontaneous.
Don’t be so rigid that you miss out of the unexpected great.

Embrace opportunities even though they scare you and are not according to plan, even if they appear like a distraction. As long as they would provide;

Better Platform
Healthy Network and
Build Strength in you.

Go for it.

Though the DAYS of our life follow the same linear progression as a calendar, our LIFE however is dynamic and not linear.

Strive. Survive.


Paul Shola Oguntade

He Thinks, He Writes, He Speaks, He Creates, He Wins…

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8 thoughts on “SPILLS”

  1. undyrated says:

    make no demands of time and be fluid, be in visible and be happy being happy #lesson learnt, or more like lesson that must be learnt

  2. Victor Akunna says:

    “Embrace opportunity”, even when they are beyond your experience. We must learn to grow by stretching and travelling towards new shores

    1. ennycole says:

      Thanks for visiting! so glad. you are right on point.

  3. Deedee says:

    Good Lord, this article reeks of ‘me’!

    Be flexible, sensitive, and Spontaneous.

    1. ennycole says:

      Glad it relates to you Dee.

  4. Emmanuel Okoro. says:

    That last line. I need to read more of this

    1. ennycole says:

      Thanks Emmanuel.glad you like it.

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