Solitary Testament by Tolulope Oke.

Solitary Testament 
(with Dami Lare) 
Yesterday, the gods
were too drunk
to set the sun,
causing bright shades of gloom
to sprawl upon the day;
At dawn,
that which would rise
to roll cymbals of anxiety
in our hearts
started silently, softly
like a lazy smoke
caressing the corners
of a clumsy street.
In this order;
There were murmurs,
Low muttering of loss,
Suspicious glances and allegation.
Then the officer -lightning,
with a thunderous voice
bolted us to confinement.
Thence, in a trance
and spiral of unconsciousness,
I felt a sting of liberation,
basked in the glory of solitary confinement
and unravelled the beauty of Art,
our paddle
against this turbulent sea of existence,
leaving waves of our identity.
It was there,
in that solitary space,
I met Black Radical Jesus
who forced himself to be there,
two happily singing freedom fighters –
Khemzo and Mimi,
one refused me his identity
but spoke of the sergeant’s stupidity
and the officer’s malady…
others are known by names
that defy my memory.
They all left trails of tales
in uneven fonts.
So many to unravel,
but Time sped‎;
we were discharged,
found not really guilty,
and acquitted too quickly.
Abeiku O’‎ (Tolulope Oke) is an MA student at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan. He is a lover of Art and creativity.
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