Have you ever heard someone say they are tired? Silly question. Let me rephrase. How many times have you heard people say they’re tired?  Plenty times!

I say it too and yes it really isn’t a big deal anymore. See we have heard all over the world, people placing banners and mounting speakers shouting on their voices about time to shine, strive to excel and the motivation kinikan.

To tell you the truth, ( they say life always happen, you know what I mean) when will life stop happening? Isn’t the happening enough!  Who motivation epp.  There is stress everywhere joor. Before you achieve a, it’s a struggle, before you get to Sokoto, you will pass the needle eye of Sokoto. Ogbeni I tire joor.

I don’t blame people when they say they are tired and I am certainly not blaming myself either. I am not talking about physical tiredness here, that one is not my business. We all will get tired physically, work  related stressed. Don’t let me get started on that one or maybe I should start. I remember one time I was exhausted from work, to top it, I had not eaten that day, mehn… i can’t explain it. Have you ever gotten tired to the bones that you can hear your heart race tiredly? Oh I have.

If we would have it, can’t we just stop working and pick money from trees? Abi which kind life be this now. Must we work till we die ni. Why did Adam eat that apple oh? why couldn’t Eve slap the serpent or something.

And all those claiming macho, never saying the word tired or claiming they are okay and fine. Be deceiving yourself until you crack up and tear and you just can’t take it no more. Same for those in tired situations, hmm that one is strong, you will just die there. When someone keeps suffocating your life with unpleasantness and you choose to stay there, if I hear say dem beg you? die for there.

Your husband beats you until blood comes out because he is excited by blood, then he makes up with you and you say you are coping and it is the will of God. Oh yea, it is the will for you to die there. Where did I read this nonsense again?

 You get tired and that is that. Don’t kill yourself.

Life can be so frustratingly tiring that you can’t help but say wonder especially when your goals or dreams are yet to fall into places. Or is it when you are confused about a particular something? Mehn, hold me oh, don’t let me even start. Life is a bed of rose thorn oh. Everything na struggle. Even to pray is a struggle. See, the devil is strong on this earth oh.

And tiredness has juju, it can keep going unless you do something. Most times you may be tempted to do nothing and that’s how you will end up in something else you didn’t bargain for. Or nothing still. But then who nothing help? Thing is tiredness can make you lazy and useless to yourself but then is lazy and useless not good sometimes as an avenue to fashi and enjoy yourself? You cannot come and die jare.

Anyways,  are you tired of everything? Tired of the status quo? Tired of stress and problems, even tired of what to eat or how to do something? Tired of shii, tired of everything that brings tiredness, tired of being tired. Tired tired tired? See , it’s okay. It’s allowed. You cannot come and die. Wallow in your tiredness and try recover. 

Tired much? Relax, breathe and then take a step.

Please what am I even saying?  You are tired shey? You get tired. Exactly my point. You see, tiredness may be an excuse after all even while it isn’t. Figure the rest, I am TIRED of talking.

My Rant Is Over.

P.S: No ask me questions that dwell on the shores of mumu-ity, I talk my own, talk your own.

Why so serious? This column is just a social experiment and Lisa

Kokoko Heels is just a realist ranter.     lisafacepic





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