How Ready Is Anyone To Achieve Results? | 3 Salient Points To Giving The Right Counsel

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Unsolicited counsel is what Nigerians (and Africans) give. And most times, it leads to contempt. In fact, from my work as a change advisor, I have come to realize that when you push people to do ANYTHING before they are willing to do it, they will waste both your time and their own time. Readiness is a panacea for results.

As a life coach, I am grateful I know that I don’t have to tell people what to do. Rather, I am supposed to achieve 3 goals:

  • Ask Questions
  • Encourage Responsibility and
  • Facilitate Change

As someone who works with people, you need to understand that:

  1. You should not take offense when your perspective is not taken. It is only a perspective.
  2. You should not insist an approach suits your approach. It is only 1 of 3,000 options per case. (Psychologists say that for every decision we want to make, we always have 3,000 options to explore).
  3. Your life and style is yours. Your audience have theirs too. Respect it.

When you give unsolicited counsel, you may be creating a tunnel for contempt. Learn to be asked than to tell without being asked.

My Loud Thoughts.

Sam Obafemi.


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6 Replies to “How Ready Is Anyone To Achieve Results? | 3 Salient Points To Giving The Right Counsel”

  1. I guess the key is talking less, and listening more. When you listen, it might help guide you on what to say. At the end of the day, rather than tell people want to do, it’s better you make them see the need for them to do what they ought to. Make them see reason for themselves, in that way, they would be able to help themselves.

  2. True talk. Many people get offended when their opinion is not taken. And I’m wondering for how long they would continue to do so. Because I know some humans will intentionally not take your opinion. It is not that your opinion is stupid, it’s just them and where they are in their journey.

    Give your advice, and encourage them.

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