There are a lot of unsaid things when it comes to the question of purpose. Most people misconstrue the true meaning of purpose and are getting confused on the mission of purpose on earth. It begs the insightful question, what really is purpose and how can purpose be achieved?

Every other thing you read about purpose is just the tip or maybe half a tip and something else. Little wonder you are still stuck on the true meaning of purpose. Paul Shola Oguntade slayed this with his heavenly knowledge.


Purpose  connotes  a  deliberate,  conscious,  coordinated  and  organized action  taken  to  ensure  a  precise  set  of  outcomes.  Therefore,  there  should not  be  a  mention  or  thought  of  purpose  if  we  cannot  accept  creation  and  a creator.

But  this  is  the  gist;  if  we  are  all  true  to ourselves  and  are  ready  to  be  original,  we  all  have  unique  lives,  interests, abilities,  passions,  experiences,  drives,  personalities  etc.  All  of  these determine how we live our lives and for what we live it;  our  individuality. So  we  have  established  two things;  choice  and  individuality.  This  means  that every  human  can  choose  the  kind  of  life  he/she  wants  to  live  within  the framework of their individuality. When a man decides on how he/she wants to live and what to live for, we can  say  such  individual  is  living  intentionally  or  purposefully;  this  is  when  we say  a  man is  living  for  a  purpose.

There  is  a  reason  (purpose)  behind mankind’s  creation.  If  there  should  be  any  purpose  any  individual  should  be looking  for  or  trying  to  discover,  it  should  simply  be  the  reason  behind  our creation.  The  only  and  next  concern  for  every  individual  should  now  be  to find  out  answers  to  a  certain  question:  “What  is  my  individuality?”  This  is  to ask  “how  am  I  special  and  how  can  I  align  it  with  the  purpose  of  my  kind (Mankind)?

That’s  all!  There  is  no  further  mystery  behind  purpose,  and  all  the ambiguities  that  have  been  created  around  it  over  the  years  are  very unnecessary. Our concern should be in three places only:

1. God  has  set  a  pattern  of  how  we  all  should  live  our  lives  and  express our  individuality.  What  is  it?

2. What is  my individuality  or  how am I special  amongst all men?

3. How can these two align in all  that  I  do  in  life?

So  really,  it  is  not  solely  about  what  career  you  choose  or  what  job  or business  you  are  into.  The  idea  of  purpose  spans  beyond  your  career  or  a single  activity;  it  extends  fully  into  your  entire  existence  and  all  the  roles  you play  and  find  yourself  in  per  time.  Career  and  similar  activities  are  just channels  for  expressing  purpose,  most  times  a  major  and  obvious  channel in  our  lives.

Culled from the book, “The Goal Of Life” by Paul Shola Oguntade.

Paul Shola Oguntade.

Paul is a pathfinder coach and CEO of AVAN House, a creative and design firm. He excels at helping individuals attain clarity, maximise their inner abilities and potentials. An author of several publications, his latest work is the edited book, “The Goal Of Life” a book that sets to record everything on purpose and how you can live in accordance. More of him at and

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