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Pick- a – scene is a concept from, It is a 2-4 scenes storyline where readers/audience get to choose between alternative scenes and state why they choose it.

The objective is to address, show personality/character traits, relationship building and more with a means to improving personal development and effectiveness using possible human experiences and outcomes. In words, pictures and videos.

Sometimes, it may take a different turn. Guessworks between readers and pieces of the readers’ thoughts on a particular situation. Let’s learn and have fun. 

Note that, stories/scenes may be fiction or real, there is room for questioning and possible take-home-to do lessons. The lessons will usually precede the next PICK-A-SCENE.

It is indeed going to be exciting!
Welcome to the official opening of PICK-A-SCENE! On no other place than ENNY COLE’S BLOG. 


THE MAIN. Scene One

Stacy was with her brother at the  office full of people, waiting to see someone. It was raining and everywhere was wet. It was one of those moments where everyone got wet and got irritated about it. She came in with an umbrella which she dropped by the door, there was an umbrella there also. Shortly, someone came in looking for the same umbrella he had dropped beside Stacy’s. He was not smiling, about the same time, Stacy looked outside to see  a woman in uniform trying to open her umbrella while talking with a man.

As if on alert, Stacy stood up and walked up to meet her.
“That’s my Umbrella”

“Yes , I want to quickly use it” she replied making a move as she continued her conversation with the man beside her.

“Where are you taking it to?”

The woman turned, she appeared stunned and dropped the umbrella. She shouted.

“What’s the meaning of that! Do I want to eat it?”

Stacy appeared indifferent, took the umbrella and went to sit down. Her brother was watching, the woman approached her and started shouting and cursing, telling her why she should ask such a question, who was she, with no morals, ordinary umbrella, this, that. She looked threatening, at the desk officer whom Stacy came to see and asked him if she was there because of him and he denied, out of fear. Stacy was bracing up to see if the woman would want to interfere with her visit, that’s when all hell would be let loose.

Everyone was looking at her quietly, she was raging like a psycho and Stacy wondered what her problem was and felt like giving her a slap just to keep her mouth shut. Her brother was already answering her and telling her why she was talking that way because of a simple question, Stacy didn’t blame him, any one would want to reply the mad woman, give her a dose of her own venom.

All through the rage, Stacy sat quiet, maintaining her cool. She could not start talking back at this ignorant woman who thinks her uniform should be threat. She had asked the question because she didn’t own the umbrella and the old woman who borrowed her had warned her never to misplace it, she had had enough of losing umbrellas and Stacy, acting on impulse, especially when someone came in looking for his umbrella, had demanded to know where the woman was going, should in case she didn’t come back again or forgot the umbrella, which was very typical of people.

Alternative Scenes
Scene Two: from the confrontation.

Stacy shouted back at the woman, raising her feet like she would land her a slap any minute, she was furious, who the hell does this woman think she is. Because she is on uniform or what.

“ I don’t freaking care about your uniform, you cannot do anything, this is my umbrella and I am not giving it to you and to hell with you! Fighting me on my umbrella, my own umbrella ooh”

“ I should not ask you where you are taking it to, is it your own!”

Stacy’s brother joined in. “ look at this woman, you don’t even have a say at all, just came here and started shouting, for what now? What is your problem?” he was equally pissed and ready to fight as well.

A small crowd formed, watching and some telling the woman to leave Stacy alone while others were telling her to respect the woman. Stacy would have none of that. She was too angry.

Scene Three
From the confrontation.

Stacy walked out of the woman’s sight, lest she did or say something she wouldn’t be proud of. Her walking away seem to make the woman rage more but Stacy didn’t care. She had the umbrella and will see whom she came to see in some matter of minutes and that was all that mattered. Her brother could go ahead to confront the woman but she wouldn’t wait to hear nonsense.

So, imagine you are in Stacy’s shoes, what would you have done? which scene would you PICK AND WHY?

Is your scene unavailable here? write it out, let’s see!


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12 thoughts on “PICK A SCENE! #1.”

  1. sheyman says:

    Scene one …, infact, the main scene is what i may play depending on who is involved.

    1. ennycole says:

      what’s your reason

      1. sheyman says:

        Stacy was not rude and was just ensuring her umbrella was safe, but the woman wanted to take the advantage of been older and uniform to ride her which i wont welcome if i was the victim brother…if i was the woman on uniform i would respect myself and be polite in responding to her…stacy….thank you

        1. ennycole says:

          alright, thanks shey.

  2. Kelvin Alaneme says:

    Scene 1. Scene 3 would have been a good alternative if Stacy was alone. She cannot just leave her brother talking to this raging, uniformed officer who may be armed. He is fighting her battle. She should see him through it, even though in silence.

    1. ennycole says:

      nice one doc! i see your point

  3. Yemc says:

    Scene 1 definitely! Because there’s absolutely no reason to get verbal with someone who’s ranting unnecessarily whether young or old. It’s usually better to walk away and be the bigger person. The Yorubas have a saying that translates to: “if the elder one is not wise, the younger one should be wise.” So scene 1…Be Wise.

  4. Paul says:

    Scene 4 ; because it’s the most effective of all.

  5. undyrated says:

    scene one

    1. ennycole says:

      undyrated, you did not state why

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