We all like to talk, let’s be real now, being fake, to be on the swaying side, a bit of madness necessary to free your woes, throw away the cares, the formalities, the seriousness is cool. But let us talk about our sane part now.

Yes. People like to talk and will always talk. Talking is a BIG PART of our lives. We talk everywhere and to different people, covertly or openly. For some, talking is to release boredom or have fun. To others, it’s a need for attention, a tool for PERSONAL ENDEAVOURS of various kinds. What we DO NOT KNOW is that humans are liable to err and TALKING is part of our flaws.

The essence of talking should fall within the context of the situation and should produce value. Talking will not make SENSE if it does not add VALUE either to you or to others, talking is useless if it cannot INSTRUCT, TEACH and CORRECT. Talking is INEFFECTIVE if the receiver is NOT LISTENING but wants to be heard. Talking will bring malice if you are toying with the receiver’s emotions. A negative action will birth a negative talk and a negative reaction and a positive will do so as positive as well. Talking WILL NOT produce good results if it is judgemental, biased and self opinionated.

UNDERSTANDING is paramount when talking is evident. People have a way of judging your life the very day it started. We all conclude at some points often defying LOGICAL SENSE and ETHICAL REASONING. What you call being irrational. What we do not have is an understanding of the results of our actions.
It is good to be OPEN MINDED when talking is PARAMOUNT.

Open mindedness will enable you to HARNESS each individual’s thought and come to an UNDERSTANDING. The POINT OF UNDERSTANDING is the REAL END OF TURBULENCE in talking. When one person gains this understanding at hand, he WILL DO the right thing, because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO AND HE KNOWS IT. When the other person LACKS this understanding, he WILL NOT ACCEPT IT BUT WILL REPEAT such actions AGAIN, making him one less of a person with a MORAL STANDARD that will continue with a problem that will be passed from one place to another because MORALS is needed when TALKING IS EVIDENT.

There is an ESSENCE TO TALKING SILENT, and there should be CONTROLLED THOUGHT(S) to every word(s) that comes out of your mouth. But our thoughts about someone CANNOT be right at all times because people differ in their REASONING so we don’t have to TALK AWAY their lives. But WHAT WE CAN DO, is to TALK INTO their lives.

But people want to talk and be heard at the same time and that would not produce favourable outcomes.
Why? Everybody at a point will claim they are right and yes they are right but only for a while and in their own ‘rightness of mind’

To be continued…

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