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  • Getting Up Is The Problem Innit?

    Getting Up Is The Problem Innit?
  • Blank States

    Blank States
  • Hey Eyebrows!

    Hey Eyebrows!
  • Does Anyone Know Your Message For Real?

    Does Anyone Know Your Message For Real?


READ more: SECONDS/ Fiction The Juju In Your Village How To Give Right Counsel   Ebuka walked down the stairs thinking of his dead twin brother. He had killed his twin, he was told. But he knew he couldn’t have done such a thing except in a situation as volatile as the one he had heard over and over again that…
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How Ready Is Anyone To Achieve Results?

READ more: Move Bitch/ Short Fiction Idiots Guide To The Universe 2 Unsolicited counsel is what Nigerians (and Africans) give. And most times, it leads to contempt. In fact, from my work as a change advisor, I have come to realize that when you push people to do ANYTHING before they are willing to do it, they will waste both your time…
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It’s Not What They Say! Become Your Star

What they say doesn’t count, it is what you say that does. Without content, you will get there but will not stay there. The 10,000 hour rule says you have to consistently practice what you do for that average in order to become an expert. Sometimes you do not know how to put your voice out or air your goals.…
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Pen Tap!

How can something heavier than air float in air? You are mad to even think of that!  The wright brothers went ahead anyway. The aeroplane was born. Insanity is not defined by pangolo beats, tattered clothes and worn out feet. It is how far you are willing to loose yourself to gain yourself. Life does not pose you answers. Ask the…
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Shall We Spin?

Sandwich breakfast in bed, lunch is served on a platter of jollof rice, cupcakes and plenty sipping of juice- Enny Cole dinner toppings. The art of storytelling is a powerful way to arouse our imaginations and like your favourite Snapchat filter, it colours how you enjoy your day. Come, let’s tell awesome stories together. READ BLOG
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