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  • Getting Up Is The Problem Innit?

    Getting Up Is The Problem Innit?
  • Blank States

    Blank States
  • Hey Eyebrows!

    Hey Eyebrows!
  • Does Anyone Know Your Message For Real?

    Does Anyone Know Your Message For Real?

The Purple Review

READ MORE: Survivor Review, The Singing Doctor Escape, A Short Fiction What Many Nigerians Don’t Get Imagine yourself in total darkness, no access to light or anything that will bring you electricity. After what seem like eternity, your light bulb laughed. There is light, what do you say? Up Nepa! On October 1st, when I was still contemplating if I…
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Survivor Video Review

READ more: The Singing Doctor Nigeria at 56 How Not To Argue With An Idiot How much is a dollar in Nigeria again? 490? How many are complaining of the status quo? Relax, Survivor will give you some hope. Some months back, Dr. Alams and his producer Mac Fash gave us the thrills of your Magic ,Wahala and Energy bubbling through…
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Nigeria At 56

If you are very sure you are a Nigerian, you are welcome to read, if you are skeptical, it’s pointless but still read and turn a new leaf, if you are lost or have no idea, your case is in the supreme court, you are disowned. Nigeria’s 56th jubilee was yesterday and it didn’t quite dawn on me until I checked…
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Your unhealthy desire for acceptance is killing you. You frantically seek approval from a board of advisors comprising mortals in makeup and suits, who are really just as lost and afraid. Do you not see that you’re robbing the universe of your divinity? Don’t you realize that you’re robbing humanity of your originality?
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READ MORE: Idiots Guide To The Universe #1 Idiots Guide To The Universe #2 Sign #3: IDIOTS ARGUE-EVEN WITH PROOF. “Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and then will beat you with experience.” –George Carlin. People who are bent on making impact in life are too busy DOING and not caught up in…
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