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  • Getting Up Is The Problem Innit?

    Getting Up Is The Problem Innit?
  • Blank States

    Blank States
  • Hey Eyebrows!

    Hey Eyebrows!
  • Does Anyone Know Your Message For Real?

    Does Anyone Know Your Message For Real?

Gambler Bae Or Just Plain Grind And Luck?

  ” So Enny  you have turned to a gambler?” ” No nah, it is just like a game” was my reply when I told someone I played the Texas lottery. Many people are of the disposition that playing the lottery is tantamount to gambling but that one no concern me oh. Not when money is involved and don’t even…
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I Can’t Get Over This Commercial

I have been itching to write on this commercial I tag as silly. Funny is far form it because then that would make it silly funny.    Yoplait is a kiddie kind of yogurt though from most of its commercials, it says everyone loves yoplait. I have tried the yogurt which comes in different flavours but it isn’t just my…
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Tiredness May Be An Excuse After All.

READ MORE: Carry your issues! My rant is Over Column Idiots Guide To The Universe #4 god versus beast? Have you ever heard someone say they are tired? Silly question. Let me rephrase. How many times have you heard people say they’re tired?  Plenty times! I say it too and yes it really isn’t a big deal anymore. See we…
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god versus beast?

                                                      A.                    I know of a god; he is you and he is me. He is made of every essence possible but he has this Achilles…
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READ: Idiots Guide to the Universe  #1 Idiots Guide To The Universe #2 Idiots Guide To The Universe #3   Sign #4: IDIOTS LOVE INERTIA Another sign of highly idiotic people is an undying and inexplicable love for inertia; for staying in one position either physically, mentally, or in any respect for an extended period of time and achieving absolutely nothing.…
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