I Can’t Get Over This Commercial | Yoplait Even Got The Cow Clueless

I have been itching to write on this commercial I tag as silly. Funny is far form it because then that would make it silly funny. 
Yoplait is a kiddie kind of yogurt though from most of its commercials, it says everyone loves yoplait. I have tried the yogurt which comes in different flavours but it isn’t just my thing. 
First Eye: That year, NBC was very fond of showing ridiculous commercials, almost like it was planned to amuse my fancy. And on one of such nights, I discovered the Yoplait advert and I am like please what kind of commercial is this? This is the kind of advert that makes me dread the product or nod my head in disappointment when I come across it at the store. By mistake. How could you guys put such on Tv?
The er high five: The end notes following this commercial is the only best thing that happened and that is all there is to say.
The hmmm part:
So to top it, they came up with this commercial where an old man had to talk to a cow. I do not get.
You know it’s a cow and it may not get your point yet you still try to talk to it?
Why does he have to take a scoop of the yogurt and try convince the cow that its milk is the best? Even the cow is clueless. And the last part that got me shaking my head and saying oh my goodness was after his speech, he ran off thinking the cow would follow in pursuit. Perhaps, the advertising agency was trying to convince viewers that the cow didn’t like the whole idea of its milk being processed into a yogurt?
Was it supposed to be funny? Please it isn’t.
The other commercial that showed a family of four making hmmm sounds because they had a Yoplait was even manageable. Not this. Did you see that man banging the table though? Just watch this commercial and tell me if you don’t feel my pain.
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If anyone knows the company, please tell them to stop. They are embarrassing the confederation of animal milk production professionals aka the cows.
And the advertising agency they patronized or whoever gave them this idea should be banned.

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Tiredness May Be An Excuse After All. | Talk Truth, I Know You Are Tired, Lisa Kokoko At It Again.


Have you ever heard someone say they are tired? Silly question. Let me rephrase. How many times have you heard people say they’re tired?  Plenty times!

I say it too and yes it really isn’t a big deal anymore. See we have heard all over the world, people placing banners and mounting speakers shouting on their voices about time to shine, strive to excel and the motivation kinikan.

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god versus beast? | How Do You Make It?

I know of a god; he is you and he is me. He is made of every essence possible but he has this Achilles hill…HE IS ALSO A BEAST!
One; Everyone I know, I mean EVERY HUMAN that my eyes and ears have had knowledge of- whether good, bad, ugly. They all need to survive.
Two; Much more, they all need to find expression and be the god they are.

Three; There is a struggle, a fight, a war…It reminds me of a story about some Jewish builders who were carrying out the construction of temple walls in the heat of an uproar. They held swords in one hand, mortar and trowel in the other. In EVERYWHERE and in EVERYONE here on earth is the beast and the god at war. For some, the god has more victory over the beast, for many the beast is at feast. It was Paulus Romanus code named 724 who exclaimed; “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from this body of death?”
I know of a god, he is you and he is me. He is made of every essence possible but he has this Achilles hill… HE HAS A BEAST!
Somewhere around 1210 BC, Dreadlock son of Judges, code named 1619 said these prayers before he committed suicide; “O Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee only this once…”EVERY lion I have met has at least a spike in his paws, and they are in four categories.
Some have adapted to it.  Some have their movement slowed down. Some others are not moving. The forth keep moving while they remove the spike one by one.
At some point, one could blame nature or creation for the imperfection and unfairness of life. Today it’s in your favour, tomorrow it is against you. We wake up one day to consciousness to discover the class of family we were born into, the personality type we carry, the habits we suddenly discover but know not where they came from, and so many other things. But come to think of it, that’s the way it is here on earth. Disequilibrium and chaos theory! The good question should be how winners made it despite the unfairness and imbalance of nature. Sincerely that’s my question to you. Excuses don’t cut it. Life has been unfair since whenever, embrace that fact and deliberately beat your portion out of life. Be aware of the beasts and seek creative ways to tame it.

Paul Shola Oguntade

Creative Director, AVAN House.    


Photo Credit: google images

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IDIOTS GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE #4. | Are You Investing In Time Or Wasting It?

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Another sign of highly idiotic people is an undying and inexplicable love for inertia; for staying in one position either physically, mentally, or in any respect for an extended period of time and achieving absolutely nothing.

Idiots can waste a whole day away without pointing at one meaningful thing they have done, learnt or achieved. Hard as that may seem to you, it is actually true!

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The Purple Review | Up Nepa By Iyanu Adebiyi

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Escape, A Short Fiction

What Many Nigerians Don’t Get

Imagine yourself in total darkness, no access to light or anything that will bring you electricity. After what seem like eternity, your light bulb laughed. There is light, what do you say? Up Nepa!

On October 1st, when I was still contemplating if I should make a blog post celebrating Nigeria or not, that was before I saw some disturbing green white green photos, I came across a brilliant spoken word piece, unique in its style with a bit of open curiosity. When Iyanu adebiyi showed us the teaser of this poetic piece on the shoreline of Facebook, I didn’t know what to expect. I wondered what she meant by Up Nepa and I was amused. Little did I know what was up her sleeves. 

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Survivor Video Review | Dr Alams, the singing doctor at it again

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Nigeria at 56

How Not To Argue With An Idiot

How much is a dollar in Nigeria again? 490? How many are complaining of the status quo? Relax, Survivor will give you some hope.

Some months back, Dr. Alams and his producer Mac Fash gave us the thrills of your Magic ,Wahala and Energy bubbling through our phones and all over Facebook. It was not bad for a talented young man walking his paths of destiny; from doctoring to writing to music. The Singing Doctor didn’t loose his knots, he tied them better and released another captivating song, one that bore into the very core of the prevalent Nigeria situation. 

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Nigeria At 56 | What Many Nigerians Don’t Really Get

If you are very sure you are a Nigerian, you are welcome to read, if you are skeptical, it’s pointless but still read and turn a new leaf, if you are lost or have no idea, your case is in the supreme court, you are disowned.

Nigeria’s 56th jubilee was yesterday and it didn’t quite dawn on me until I checked Facebook and saw the air across the blue white interface.

Then I came across something I will soon touch on. This post is late but it is worthwhile. Yes Nigeria is in recession, ( please leave President Buhari out of this matter oh, na wetin e meet for ground)  yes things are hard, people are fuming and probably cursing. Dollar rate is high and every thing seem tough. Continue reading “Nigeria At 56 | What Many Nigerians Don’t Really Get”

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IMPOSE YOUR WILL. | On Crushing Validations

Your unhealthy desire for acceptance is killing you. You frantically seek approval from a board of advisors comprising mortals in makeup and suits, who are really just as lost and afraid.

Do you not see that you’re robbing the universe of your divinity? Don’t you realize that you’re robbing humanity of your originality?

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