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  • Getting Up Is The Problem Innit?

    Getting Up Is The Problem Innit?
  • Blank States

    Blank States
  • Hey Eyebrows!

    Hey Eyebrows!
  • Does Anyone Know Your Message For Real?

    Does Anyone Know Your Message For Real?

Dormy #1.

  Lights out. I hear voices, giggles, short laughs. I guess, warming their hearts in one bed. I think I have an idea of what they are doing but I cannot really tell. Yesterday I saw kemi, my classmate dancing in the room with senior Moyosola the notorious bully watching her keenly. Momo as she is called had her hands…
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  Sign #6: Idiots Surround Themselves With Idiots From as far back as I can remember, as a kid, I was always admonished, “birds of a feather flock together” and, of course, the very famous, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” The intent of these messages, and other similar ones as well, I believe,…
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Buckle My Shoe

  I remember the songs now. Halfway. The one we chant late into the night. It meant anything to me now But It catches my fancy today. And it somehow spreads a thin line of an awkward smile across my sullen cheeks. I have had enough to deal with inwardly that the chorus seeped through my mind and somehow want…
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  Sign #5: Idiots Fixate On Problems This is another most curious habit of idiots. Fixation on problems. Before you read on, take a phone that is not water resistant and dunk it into a bucket of water. After about ten minutes, bring it out. My guess is that it is off. Right? Now, I need you to do something…
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Lights Out

LIGHTS OUT The sun crawled slowly across the sky like a sulking child who didn’t want to go to bed. From the western horizon it peered at the three friends sitting on a bench in front of a house who were deep in their own world, laughing at jokes and making fun of each other. “No, no, guys listen. I…
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