Your unhealthy desire for acceptance is killing you. You frantically seek approval from a board of advisors comprising mortals in makeup and suits, who are really just as lost and afraid.

Do you not see that you’re robbing the universe of your divinity? Don’t you realize that you’re robbing humanity of your originality?

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The Juju In Your Village

When Baba took the opere from his late father, he had you in mind but your mind was on the streets of Lagos, on flashy cars and beautiful women.

You told him to let the gods take care of themselves but he wouldn’t listen.

Every morning, after chewing bitter Kola he would take some gin and wash his mouth, you knew what he would do next because he came to your hut, the one that smelt of your six year old sister’s urine, to wake you up for the morning sacrifice.

oya dide, eledumare ti dide, orunmola naa, opere sii ma side ni sin yii.”  wake up, God is awake…opere is waking.

You would roll to your sides and pretend not to hear,  he would repeat it like some kind of chant and you would stand up slowly irritated.

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Your kid sister buys a pack of instant noodles and goes straight to the kitchen. She puts the instant noodle next to a pot, places a cup of water next to it and comes to watch a TV show with you. Five minutes later, she goes to the kitchen and then runs back to you weeping. She says she is shocked that the instant noodle has not cooked itself.

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Is It Really About Equality Or Something Else?

Like play play, the gender inequality they preached to us in our notes back in school has turned to feminist rants these days. Should we go back to our textbooks and teach these feminists what inequality truly means in the actual sense?

The question of equality has never been my business until I came across something that made me rant enough is enough.

I am done hearing this thing, feminist ranting about equality and kinikan one thing one thing. For a while, I observed different posts on facebook arguing without ends on why women should be taken as men equals. Oh that’s their problem, what normally amuse me is when these arguements are flying on the third mainland bridge in Nigeria, having  no basis and actual sense. Inequality is one, debasement is another. Please what are you talking about exactly?

Let us look at this case, how can you declare a common poster, poster oh, a caption! How can you bring your feminist self to it? How dare you? washing off whatever it was meant to portray by your tirade rant?

Fox apologises for X-Men: Apocalypse promo image of Jennifer Lawrence being strangled. –Apology my foot!

One Actress said, “there is no context in the ad, just a woman getting strangled- (if it is a man nko?) The fact that no one flagged this is offensive and frankly stupid...

And that feminist website is saying, when Jennifer i.e mystique finally got a leadership role, this strangulation happened! I cannot laugh, she even said what we have here is a naked woman being choked by a man three times her size. Oh goodness! That naked woman is an actress acting a choking role!

It is just a picture, a film for goodness sake, why so serious? I mean, it’s X-Men! what freaking context are you looking for? If women are brutalised, misused and misplaced, It is okay to advocate for them and help them, cloth them- in bible terms,  not tramp on a poster, take it out elsewere please.

I am tired of hearing that the misfortunes and what have you that happened to some women are based on the weight of man’s superiority and inequality against woman. Come to think of it, why don’t you leave the whole  question of feminism, equality and shit out of the equation and actually look into the matter of  how everyone can better be their brother’s keeper however little?

Are you not tired of this already? Instead of shouting feminist rules upandan, rules you cannot even tell left from right, nothing you know about, why not establsih yourself and make men fall at your feet, shey that is what you want.

Dear ever zealous upside down feminist, here is what I think.

The question of equality should be ruled out when it comes to men and women because that is not what it should be about. So called people shouting equality. Let me tell you,
In some sets of experiences, men and women are not equal. No matter how much you struggle to paint equality on it or advocate for equality. They can’t be identical,
They can’t be compared, they can’t be the same, Man and woman are not equal. It is not possible for a man and woman to have the same set of values. But what a man and woman can have is a set of shared values. When we have set of shared values and recognise this also, then we can talk about equity. With sense.
( how can you say that in a poster of X-men apocalypse promo image of mystique being strangulated depicts feminine debasement?)
Because that is what these so called struggle is exactly about. And most either don’t know or have their ideas of it misplaced.

Ogbenis and madam feminist, abeg go siddon.

I don’t even know what you people are ranting about.



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If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, You Will End Up Somewhere Else.

Tayo looked up to the fig tree that stood opposite his father’s house and expressed disapproval. He knew what would happen once his father got back from his trip. The tree had disappointed him again. For over three years, this tree had refused to bear any fruits despite it being properly catered for.

Father had asked him for the umpteenth time if it had started to grow fruits but got a negative response much to his disappointment. He had wanted to entertain his visitors that day.

One sunday evening, Tayo welcomed his father home but before he could take his bags into his room, his father barked in anger,
” Tayo! get people to cut that useless tree down!”

In life, when one refuse to bear fruits, one would be cut down because no relevance can be identified. What you make of yourself today tells of who you would be in the future. A lot of people fail to realise their bearing in life. Three of such people are:
People who do not have any bearing and are manifesting uselessness.
Those who have lost their true bearing and bring poor fruits to the table.
Thirdly, those who are yet to or find it hard to discover their bearing.

The fig tree ended somewhere else; in the bush, cut and burnt.

Identify your identity. That burning need that births a purpose. What problem aches your heart and what solutions can you provide to that? WHO ARE YOU and WHERE EXACTLY are you going?  Every great potential has a direction that yields positive results.

Despite the pruning and cares of life, the fig tree refused to grow while others were blooming and flourishing. Better to cut it down. The same applies to anyone that doesn’t maximise his life potentials but sits on the shores of laziness, frivolities and what have you, waiting for the next rainbow to appear.

Napoleon Hill said, ‘There is one quality that one must possess to win and that is the DEFINITENESS OF  PURPOSE, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to achieve it. The fig tree had no purpose so it became useless.

Find that purpose and let the world see your fruits!



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