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  • Getting Up Is The Problem Innit?

    Getting Up Is The Problem Innit?
  • Blank States

    Blank States
  • Hey Eyebrows!

    Hey Eyebrows!
  • Does Anyone Know Your Message For Real?

    Does Anyone Know Your Message For Real?

Be A god, the one you denied.

It’s locked but i am talking unlock! Perhaps our roughest moments are not those that defy us but ones that mar us to define us. Maybe the cries we stifle inside carries the weight of unspoken sighs. Do you think if you let go, you will fall flat on your face without walking aglow? Perhaps the beautiful times are forgotten and…
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Karma, Common Sense And Everything In Between.

Just clear the fog in your eyes, it is nice to know how everything will make sense eventually and karma don’t need to bother. Karma, they say is a bitch! So is common sense, when it is not common. Regardless of who we are and the things we want, our sense of reasoning should never cloud our sense of judgement. Judgement?…
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Stuck In Somewhere.

Stuck in somewhere, somewhere on the elevator, you didn’t panic at first, you were sure it would work out fine. You hit the buttons but no it wasn’t moving, the arrows wouldn’t blink. Perhaps this was pay back for being such a jack ass. You had kissed your best friend’s boyfriend in more ways than one and you had not…
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Wreck That Disaster!   When that disaster struck, Burning down your throat, Choking and making you gag, Did life cheat on you? In more ways than one. Or someone ruined your day? Are you sad and heavy, Like this thing weighs a ton, Dragging your heart, Disappointed and displeased? And you need be appeased. Suck in air, Brace yourself, For tomorrow lies…
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  http://<a href=””>Identity</a> On the question of IDENTITY. I Am Me, You Are Not. I is another.  Arthur Rimbaud. There comes a point in many people’s lives when they can no longer play the role they have chosen for themselves. When that happens, we are like actors finding that someone has changed the play. Brian Moore. How do you see…
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