Am I A Foreigner?

Am i a foreigner?
Oyibo pepe,
Rant along I hear,
Ask me again I say.

Am I a foreigner?
Belonging to a clan yet so detached.
See the very whiteness that wearies the many lot,
Has many beards chasing after my scary butt.
Yet it is my tide that I have to abide by this clan.

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Vacuum Of Distance.

Each night I sit on this fading porch,
Whistling away into the ears of the dark,
Tho you’re far a thousand miles away,
A greater distance spans my heart,
My mouth smiles, yet tears fill my eyes,
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Valentine Comic.




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#In the spirit of valentine!

A 10-15 story line of people’s valentine day celebration/story.

#1.  From Lisa’s Fiction Box:  So it happens that we are in the spirit of love but I ain’t got no loving, I mean I am tired of the rants about valentine’s day that  has been on for the past two days and finally valentine is here! hippie! this is my Meet My Valentine story inspired by one televised short clip.

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Girly Episodes; A Question Of Hearts.



#Random girly musings and shenanigans…



This is what I have for you about my girly girl periods. Oops.
Okay, here it goes.

My name is Mimi and I am in love with a guy or so I think. Today i am checking him up or should i say spying. Don’t ask me why, it is obvious he wants to cheat, that’s if he hasn’t already started or what do i call this feeling i have inside?

This guy is attracted to that babe and damn it! this bae is going jealous of her innocence. I mean it’s not like she knows we are dating…em.. into each other. Wait, are we? Whatever. Who even knows, i didn’t make Deoye annnounce it in class like the others.

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photo credit: canstockphotos

A man once discover a ladder that led to greatness and began to climb, he climbed so high that he got exceedingly great. Everyone marveled at his greatness and wished to be like him, there were people who had hopes of achieving every possible dream they could achieve but never had the means to, they strive day and night but they couldn’t measure up to standard with the man.

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Another Story Message From Joseph.


I  look up just in time as the water splash on my face, the roof is leaking, it rains and i am cold. I have on a rag piece of cloth to cover myself, that is all I am left with in this prison after the queen tried to rape me. For I refused to sleep with her, I cannot commit such great wickedness against the lord.

“Art thou well brother?” I spoke to Titus, my prison mate, he is not looking good, his forehead forms a crease as his elbow prop against his thigh.

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Official Welcome to 2016 Story.


  1. The walls smelt red, the sacrifices that laid on the cold floor scared you to death but you needed answers.
  1. “What do you want?” Speak! Chief Priest malizu barked and the walls echoed.
  1. Trembling, you spoke ” err…the thing is, err… I don’t know why I do not have money,  i barely have money to take care of myself let alone my families…”

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