Dear Sister Olajumoke,

I know you don’t know me,  but with the current happenings I have come to know you.

The world is a small place but social media has made it smaller.

Dear Sister Olajumoke,  when people heard your story,  some said,  God has picked your call.  That means you have been praying and though it looked like you were not getting answers but God has picked it .
I am happy for you.  And somewhere in my heart I prayed this simple but hearty prayer.

“My God that did it for Olajumoke, do it for me just like you promised me in your word in Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11”.

Dearest Olajumoke,  like I said before,  you don’t know me.  I have your happiness at heart,  that’s why I am doing this.

I hear and read that you have a husband and a child. You are indeed blessed.
And much more than that you are strong.

I am quite young but I have gathered enough experience in life and trust me I am not done gathering.
With the much I have gathered,  I know fame and fortune comes with so much temptation and trials.

I read you already have a man in your life and also a child. I can’t say if you were happy with your man but since you were still with him till nature smiled on you,  I can say you were happy with him.

Now that your paths have become decorated with gold, I would advice that while you are signing all those endorsement deals with Stanbic,  Payporte etc it would be nice that you make provision to raise the status of your man.  If it is to invest in a business That he will manage,  it won’t be a bad idea.


You are a Yoruba sister and I know your tribe is synonymous with showing respect,  but I know there are exceptions. By exception I mean Yoruba sisters that disrespect their husbands. (Make una no vex oooo,  but na true).  But it’s not just Yoruba sisters.  It is everywhere.

Now that your level has risen higher than your man’s,  and your bank account is booming and swelling higher than your man’s,  it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that your ego and pride has risen too.  But I beg you in the name of Humility that you remain a woman of reputable character.

Don’t let the pressure of fame and fortune push you into making a mistake that will mar the life of your child.

I will also advise that you grow in your wisdom so you don’t get to be on the losing end after all the fame and craze must have ended.

Don’t be pressured into doing what you wouldn’t do just because you don’t want to be out of the news.  Don’t let the money become too important than your reputation.

I rest my case here dear sister Olajumoke Orisaguna.
Thank you for your attention.


Maureen is a passionate writer who scribbles her heart on the pages of her blog, you can connect with her on https://maureenalikor.wordpress.com/

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