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“A Lion is never bothered by the opinions of a sheep. So no, I’m not taking the fixated ignorance of these people personal”

These were the words of Dhee Sylvester, notable with his choice of words and expert thought opinions. If you are stuck on your thought Pattern especially regarding a situation, or you just need some thought provoking conversation to kick start your day, better yet, if you just need a  juicy spice of a convo, Dhee is your genius go to guy.
And for that, he made our SPOT ON for the week. Here is the hot slice of his genius head.


I don’t know if this practice is exclusive to Nigerians or if it’s a universal thing, but I find it extremely annoying when people try to blackmail you with your past utterances or convictions. I believe that you should have the right to speak from the perspective of how things are, rather than maintaining a stand you know is wrong just because you’re afraid of people calling you a fair weather person.

If you say that you prefer the taste of pineapples to that of plantain, you should have the freedom to say you now prefer the taste of plantain when you find out pineapples are bad for your health. That a brand or activity is your favourite today doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a new favourite when you come across something better tomorrow.

For example, I can understand you supporting president Buhari against ex president Jonathan because you wanted change or because you believed in his promises. I can understand because who you vote for in an election is your prerogative and not mine. However, because you supported president  Buhari when he was campaigning for office, doesn’t mean you should still support him now that he is clearly failing in office.

When someone or something is good, and you tell people that you believe this person or product is good, I see no reason why you should be made to feel like a fickle minded flip-flopper for saying that person or  product is no longer good when that person or product changes into bad or becomes a disappointment.

Hypocrisy isn’t you changing your mind to reflect what you see and how you feel; hypocrisy is acting in contradiction to your stated opinion or conviction. So you aren’t being a two-mouthed hypocrite if you voted for this government, but are now critical of its failures and faults.

Things happen and people change, and it’s only right that your perspective changes in correspondence with your reality as well. Furthermore, if I say I don’t like you today, it also doesn’t mean I was lying if I should end up liking you in the future; because who you are now may not be who you will always be.

Dhee Sylvester

Dhee is a creative writer who expresses his ideological viewpoints across the internet space as well as few places around. When he is not on musing journey with himself, he yarns out stories. A creative director at Sylgrafix incorporated and a colunmist at SynCity NG, he is also d is an author of two books and some publications. His latest book, “From Man To God” is available on Okada books or via direct email PDF purchase.

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