1. The walls smelt red, the sacrifices that laid on the cold floor scared you to death but you needed answers.
  1. “What do you want?” Speak! Chief Priest malizu barked and the walls echoed.
  1. Trembling, you spoke ” err…the thing is, err… I don’t know why I do not have money,  i barely have money to take care of myself let alone my families…”

  1. His eyes we’re blood shot and it made you want to take to your heels, he rattled the snake head, it looked like the snake fell at your feet, you jumped.
  1. “… so when I go to the farm, I till and till expecting a bouncy harvest only to receive little or nothing while others are harvesting well, Pls tell Chindi, the earth goddess to grant my harvest”
  1. ” you are just a fool!” Chief priest roared. ” A fool I say!  When you mates are busy filling toiling, you are busy drinking and causing menace. And instead of hard work, you work lamely like one who is down with sickness and aging.  You lazy son of Ibe who thrives on the threshold of laziness. You will surely die of poverty and wretchedness. Now leave this place at once!”
  1. You clap your hands over your head and lazily dragged your feet out of the shrine. The first thing that came to your mind was to go home and have palmwine, since the chief priests said he was lazy,  he  was going to refresh himself with palmy and head to the farm afterwards.
  1. It is three days after the visit to the shrine, you never went to farm.

A little sleep, a little slumber, so shall your poverty come like an armed man.

If you rest, you rust.

The new year has begun for us and I saved my writings till now.

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