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Nigeria At 56

If you are very sure you are a Nigerian, you are welcome to read, if you are skeptical, it’s pointless but still read and turn a new leaf, if you are lost or have no idea, your case is in the supreme court, you are disowned.

Nigeria’s 56th jubilee was yesterday and it didn’t quite dawn on me until I checked Facebook and saw the air across the blue white interface.

Then I came across something I will soon touch on. This post is late but it is worthwhile. Yes Nigeria is in recession, ( please leave President Buhari out of this matter oh, na wetin e meet for ground)  yes things are hard, people are fuming and probably cursing. Dollar rate is high and every thing seem tough.

I may not be in the best position to cite examples but I can tell from the grumbles and razzmatazz going on social media about  president Buhari administration. While the US battles with the electoral between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Nigeria seem to be battling with tough times and economy issues. 

Perhaps this isn’t new. Nigeria always has issues to battle with and it’s like there are forces stopping us from attaining our glory. Last year, we battled with election, chibok girls issue, crisis here and there and a lot of Nigerians thought they would collapse as a country but look we are still standing. 

In the midst of all this, I think one’s personal perception and relation to Nigeria’s situation really matters. Maintain some hope and positivity in the midst of this hardship. You probably think, yea yea we have heard it all before who e epp. I will tell you it does, why you are there grumbling about the woes of Nigeria and doing nothing in your own little way, some other geniuses are crafting creative and excellent ideas to catapult a particular aspect of Nigeria to bliss.

I see madness, ring the alarm.

What some Nigerians( note some, not all Nigerians are idiots) don’t get is this: yes there is a problem but what is the solution and what are you doing about it.? But how will you even think of doing something when you disrespect the national flag? I came across a post, two unserious people took shots to celebrate Nigeria (see pictures) and even somewhere along the borders of google, some people(  they call themselves supporters of Biafra) were destroying and peeing on the national flag! It’s disdaining showing this here. Are we for real?

This is tantamount to sacrilege, a felony to the federal republic of Nigeria, a sabotage of the nation’s precious heritage, a misconstrue of her resources and importance and a wrong that cannot be corrected come twenty million bags of cowries, three million she goats and the tongue of a lion painted in green. These Nigerians that disrespect the national flag are complete bolos(  say it borlors)

stupid is underrated, try idiocy

Perhaps you don’t know what this national flag represent, you don’t know that Nigeria is a nation, a country, one of the most popular countries in West African and widely recognised. Someone still asked me at work where I was from, I didn’t say Africa as most Nigerians in diaspora did, i said I was from Nigeria, maybe a sub conscious part of me replied that way because I didn’t have to think, seeing it was independence day because most people don’t get to ask me often.

If I was not being too careful and observant at taking in my environment(  it was a first time meeting new people) I would probably have started shouting oh it’s Nigeria’s independence day, spreading the light in Nigeria and not the bad nonsense Nigeria is portrayed to be. Trust me, I have heard someone foolishly asked me one day. “You mean you have all these in Nigeria? No we don’t, we only have bad and ugly things. Oshi.

Some Nigerians don’t have respect for the country Nigeria. Yes. Because it is when you respect where you come from that you can defend her, protect her, adore her and provide for her. Nigerians like to receive than give. President Buhari do this, government do that. How many will he do, what exactly are you yourself doing to move Nigeria forward? Please don’t come and tell me the nonsense that you say, what can I do? If you can’t do nothing, please keep quiet and let the ones who can. Rather greed, selfishness and exploitation has eaten deep into our roots. I won’t tell you all that historical shenanigans, we are selfish even with ourselves, with our country, is it that no one is thinking? We think problems not solutions. And until we realize that solution is what we need, a burning need to provide rather than receive, we will continue to sink.

When some MU raise to power of 2 decided to use the national flag as a play toy, (I can start a whole talk phase on this here but no) please how will Nigeria even grow? 

Or you do not know what it means? The national flag is a symbol and instrument of power and authority, it narrates the dreams and aspirations of the Nigerian people and unless you don’t want to come and die or kill your dreams, respect it. Please google the rest. All I know is the flag is precious and important.

For the first time since a general prayer time for Nigeria and my few bless Nigeria here and there, I prayed alone for Nigeria yesterday, many will not think it. I prayed with aggression and pain. Honestly I am marveled, it was never something I thought of, it came spontaneous like my spirit said pray for her and trust me that prayer did go a long way as far as i am concerned. As a believer in Christ, it sure did, anyone can think whatever they like. Yes pray for your country, garner up every muscle you can and build up this prayer habit for Nigeria. Forget the religious brouhaha that Nigerians dey put for head. Sit down and think, open your mouth and pray for her and you will see the difference, you will see a new light in how you perceive Nigeria.

Naija Sings      ( watch this nice video about Nigeria here, every worth)

Change your perception. Infact a massive national re orientation is needed. This is monumental, how you perceive a place determines how you place a place. Decipher. A lot of Nigerians are very myopic and the way they see Nigeria is decaying. If they had their way, they would be faster than Usain Bolt to get out of the country. Perhaps it’s high time you change your perception for good because you are stuck!  You won’t die, you certainly haven’t. President Buhari has more years to go so if you want to die, better to die now. The way you think Nigeria is exactly how it is. How good and glorious you think Nigeria should be is exactly how it would be in time to come. A positive perception will make you regard her. Please avoid all these toxic people that speak evil about her, all they do is rant, it damages the soul of Nigeria. Your ranting no help anybody. Keep quiet.

I listened to the Pulse Tv and what a lot of people had to say about Nigeria wasn’t good. Please we have heard enough bad things, It is time to project on the good on surface while noting where change needs to occur. Nigeria this, Nigeria that, abeg you no dey tire? Personally I just watch people rant and rant about Nigeria, it bores me. Ranting will get you no where, if you want to carry placard to the government house to effect some type of change, by all means go there. That reminds me, don’t carry placard for nonsense. One time one senator one person one kine was insulted by another whoever and some women were agitating the insulter to apologise to the insultee, they were so serious, wearing same aso abi and marching to hell, you know the story. Oh lord have mercy, stupidity of the highest order. The day I watched this, I felt like giving them hundred strokes of cane. Goodness! 

Practice and effect change in your little domain. It is not until you get up there dragging yourself into politics and shit. Infact get into politics if you want, how are we sure that if you get there you will stay there enough to effect change. Please what are all those old people doing in the government by the way. I said it that Nigerians are selfish and greedy. Even when the younger generations want to go up there and help, the older ones’ blood sucking greed won’t let them. They don’t understand that the country is not about them. Do something and show a little glory around you, a change however little. Let that little spread to greatness. When people ask me will you ever go back to Nigeria? No I will gonpaa for here nii. Oh hell yes silly, I didn’t come here to play and stay like I don’t have destination.

By all means brag about Nigeria at any little foreign opportunity you get. Inspire yourself to inspire your country. Let foreigners feel the light and good side of Nigeria, if you come across anyone arguing about the issues in Nigeria, leave them to argue, point noted and expelled( it takes a lot not to reminisce on hard situations, develop the ability to expel and think forward)  argue the good side. Don’t be arguing rubbish, are you not tired of hearing the same thing over and over again?  

We all know how to be proud of ourselves, please let’s be proud of Nigeria too and brag her good.

Did you watch that beautiful video?Someone sent that to me, it melted my heart. Truly Nigeria is a great country. You don’t understand. Travel to other countries and live there for hundred years then you will know what I am talking about. For you not to eat original boli and epa is not beans, or suya meat and all the local dishes. Forget it, truly no place like home. 

It’s also high time we follow a set of values, same mindset that will make Nigerians act accordingly and live to fulfill her glory. Do you know if we believe in some set of values and act on it, everyone has the same thinking in time to make Nigeria great? God never gave Mr Fela Durotoye that vision for nothing. Have you come across the values? One of it says: Make a positive impact on everyone I meet and everywhere I go.

Whether Nigeria is bad or not, this or that, it doesn’t call for you to disrespect her. Will you disrespect yourself? Remember that keep Lagos clean advert? “You won’t deface yourself, why deface Lagos?” 

See Nigeria isn’t about you, it’s about us, believe that. And it is no longer the government’s responsibility to take care of Nigeria, it is everyone’s call. If you keep waiting on the government, you will never be satisfied. You see that dissatisfaction you have that punches your heart? Empower yourself to do something while you can. And when at it, please use your head ( don’t bother asking me what I mean).

Celebrate her by all means not with eye service and follow follow where party dey stance.img-20161001-wa0032

Nigeria is a beautiful country, please let us see it as so and give her the respect she deserves regardless of what is. Respect and Pride in Nigeria, that we lack. Please find it! If you can’t find it now, look for it in her heroic past or something. Just find it or disown her so we can kuku know you are not a Nigerian or what’s the whole point? 

Happy Birthday Nigeria!

P.s  If you are close minded fella, swallow your spit.


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