#In the spirit of valentine!

A 10-15 story line of people’s valentine day celebration/story.

#1.  From Lisa’s Fiction Box:  So it happens that we are in the spirit of love but I ain’t got no loving, I mean I am tired of the rants about valentine’s day that  has been on for the past two days and finally valentine is here! hippie! this is my Meet My Valentine story inspired by one televised short clip.

Sarah and I met few months before that b**** showed up,

I mean we were really into each other before she came.

to tell me she is with child, my child!

how could this be? and it went so beautiful that Sarah found out.

it ended there, I moved on and got a dog as pet.

Fate brought Sarah back my way, that was after her friend knocked herself out,

and my dog wouldn’t stop barking at all so I shouted

” sara be quiet!” just about the same time Sarah my Ex approached me.

she stared and slapped me. “you name your dog Sara?

rubbing my cheeks I said, ” yes, Sarah meet my dog Sara, meet my valentine.

#2. Few persons are of the opinion that love should be celebrated everyday and do not take valentine’s day as so important.

Meet My Valentine; From Bayo.

Love should be celebrated everyday, what is special about valentine’s day?

it’s not a new thing and there is no special someone yet to call for celebration.

I have my usual Sunday routine in mind and I would introduce you to my val.

I would be in church, go back home and take a nice refreshing nap,

then I would hang out with my friends.

so I tell you this, hang out with friends and chill, that’s my valentine.

#3. From Faith

it is quite simple, it is just going to be me and my laptop.

I would be watching the movie, The Last Ship, care to join?

in other news, I do not believe a single day should be set aside,

to show affection to your loved ones, we must learn to show affection always.

so back to my valentine’s day, I would be at home, do some small work and sit with my laptop, time to see a movie, that’s my valentine.

#4. From Dayo.

It would be val’s day and it is an important day to me.

well? she is not around so it’s just all me,

would probably hang out with friends

wish she was around though but I would make sure she doesn’t miss out much,

and that’s my valentine.

Keep your valentine cool..and keep the stories coming.




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  1. sheyman
    February 16, 2016 / 11:22 am

    Nice… huh..buh as for faith..soon u will be celebrated.. on dat day…

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