Love Tale by Ubosic Chuks.

Love Tale.
We found love, we knew it,
From the moment of our first kiss.
Our emotions jumped to their feet
For our hearts found fulfilling peace.
I found love in my beauty queen
She was fair like the morning sun
A bright body that’d make your eye burn
Prettier than any being I had seen.
When my heart began calling her name
I feared it’d be an impossible quest
For her taste, must be the best
And she won’t heed to my love claim.
Once a beautiful thursday noon
When same born had gone their way
All lost in the euphoria of the holiday
We met and danced to a love tune.
The dance baptized us with weakness
Like prey in the pangs of a predator
The sweetness of honey we went for
Caught up in the tempting darkness.
It was pleasure unspeakable
Which formed a bond unbreakable.
One felt incomplete without the other
A fondness that many would admire.
Fondness, friendship and romance
Charged us to an elated love
We joyfully cruised in the groove
Our hearts doing the tango dance.
Soon the sun sourly set
And the flourishing flower died
             The soaring bird could no more glide, And we sang the sad song of regret.

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