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Let’s Learn From Elisha.

“You know your master will leave soon” they chorused.
Elisha looked at the three men at the temple and eyed them. He was  tired of their incessant chatter. Yes, his master was leaving, now can these guys let him be? He thought.

He was not worried, it was God’s will for his master and he had done right. Elisha so much loved the anointing of God in his master’s life  and promised himself never to depart from the house of the lord and to follow his master’s footsteps; journey towards the greatness he wanted.

It had been a month since 450 prophets of Baal died by master’s word. Now he is gone to rest.
He recalled the night it happened, when he was taken up by chariots of fire.

“Wait here, for the lord has sent me to Bethel” Master said.

“As the lord lives and as your soul lives, I will not leave you” Elisha replied.
So they went to Bethel together. Master came again and said, “wait here I pray, for the lord has sent me to Jericho”

“Master, as the lord lives, I will not leave you”

So they had gone to Jericho. The sons of the prophet came to him again and told him “You know your master will leave soon”
And he had told them, ” Yes I know, hold your peace!”
Then master had said he needed to go to Jordan, that Elisha should wait but he refused. And they left for Jordan.

Fifty men of the sons of the prophets were waiting afar, to watch and Elisha wondered if  it was necessary to see it all.  By the Jordan, Master took his mantle, wrapped it together and it  divided so they could walk on dry ground.

When they passed,  Master turned to him  and said, ” Elisha, ask what I should do for you before I am taken away from you”

And Elisha replied “I pray, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me”

There are many inventors in life whose names we never heard about because they  GAVE UP on the verge of their discoveries.

And one man who was very persistent about his pursuit of greatness was Elisha. He received a double portion of God’s anointing over Elijah.
He followed Elijah ardently and many people thought he was wasting his time.

It doesn’t matter if your dreams are yet to come through as long as you are persistent on your ladder of hard work towards success.
Every dream conceived takes time to manifest and it is your duty to make it work.
The period between the birth of a dream and its actualisation involves a process, one filled with ups and downs. Follow the dream kit on our Instagram page).

People are watching, let them watch you manifest to your greatness even if they think you are wasting your time. It’s not about what they think, it’s about what you see ad believe in yourself. GO for it with the whole of your heart.

Sometimes you do things right and feel that you have somehow failed, sometimes it looks like everything is wrong and you are not making any way or getting any step closer to achieving your goals.

Worry less and KEEP AT IT.
Elisha’s persistence paid off, his prayers for greatness were answered. From Bethel to Jericho to Jordan, he did not let go.

Never let go, who knows? You may just be one tiny step closer to it. Keep your hope alive. Take a clue from Elisha.



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