I want to be upset but somehow i can’t.
i just discovered that my pop up subscription isn’t working and i had about 18 action attempts at subscriptions. So i deleted the stupid Pop up sub thing. Though it makes it easier to access subscribing to the blog, it is not available. I would re direct everyone who had tried to subscribe to the blog to access the blog’s subscription channel by the side of the blog (if on system) or below a post( if using a phone, just scroll down).

This is how the Subscribe stuff looks.

But i will make my points further.
i am going to be very blunt perhaps and my thoughts may appear unorganized. That’s exactly how i want it to be.

Getting my subscribers from my old blog is a painstaking effort! They keep following the old blog even when i told them there is a new dot com site. It’s very frustrating.

For someone like me who works her ass off trying to get things done, then i see that all my efforts are wasted, it is very damn annoying.  I took online blogging classes, have sleepless nights working working! ( it is funny how when you tell someone you are working online and they are like oh really?) I considered giving up, no i don’t.  I just get tired and i am like gbagbe oshi  (FORGET). It is allowed because whenever i get strong for too long, i start to get tired. I start to rant but i stopped.
I learned the hard way. Last year all so, i had to beg people to visit the blog and do this and that…. late last year, i stopped. eff off! why do have to beg you to see my vision? Some people wanted to make a Linda Ikeji out of me, i am not Linda, i repeat i am not Linda! it would shock you how much i have in store. We know Nigerians do not like to read except gossips and nonsense. Most of my old Subs are all foreigners, half of them do not even understand the Nigerian shenanigans yet they sub!  Post nonsense on Facebook, 2 million likes and comments, post something reasonable, 1 like, 1 comment. It is that terrible.

You get the drift? yes? good. No? oh i really do not care. You probably never can get even if i tried explaining.

This year, i learnt so many things. The ones who believe in you will stay, the ones who are indifferent about you will yimu and go while the other group will pretend to and waka pass. It is alright, on the pedestal towards greatness lies hurdles and i am surmounting them and helping others too the best way that i can.

I did not start a blog to make big money but if money comes, well, not an issue. I just wanted to write!  I remembered i started off with snippet stories on BBM, people started to call me madam snippets in school, it was cool. They said why not start a blog? People can be funny, i didn’t want a blog, i have been in this game for so long. I started to write poems, saved them as notes on Facebook, feedback was always great, then it came, why not start a blog?  Then i started a Lifestyle group page on Facebook (which i later stopped) relating life experiences with probable solutions and seeking opinions, calling others to share their views, then they came, why not start a blog?

So i started a blog in 2013, though inconsistent until last year and what do i get?

I was so much into the inspirational, i could spot dreams in people, skills and things they could do to be useful, i was all about purpose! Be something. And everywhere i went, i carried it with me.  This year got better for me because of the footprints i left in the lives of some people and i appreciate them so far. I appreciate the ones who are standing by me. The ones who don’t, it’s alright but i will laugh in Spanish.

Then some will come and say oh you have a nice blog!  Thank you, I say eff off! how did you take action to help my life or is it i have a nice blog i will eat?

If i become a pest on your neck and need to get something done, it is because i need to make it right and i need all the help i can get because i would do the same. You never can tell how useful i would be to you in the nearest future. This is not a flatter, i am a “multi tasker”, multiple skills, i can handle most stuffs, just put it on my table and tell me what you want.

But it is so f888ing hard you know?

I do not understand how people cannot help others the best way that they can instead of doing half baked jobs.
I am talking generally. It is not by force to help and carry your proud shoulders high like yes you are needed. If you cannot help, please say it! don’t pretend or do things half way.

Tagging has never been my thing. If a friend didn’t urge me to start tagging just few people, hell! i cared less. With my time difference, i miss a lot of post and still manage to access some. If you do not call my attention to a post, i may probably never know. it is even a good riddance for stupid posts. It is worse getting my post read with this time difference thing.  I have to settle where i am, get to know people and invite them here and all that shit! Plus i like to have my own voice.
The day i wrote about beef, i was upset about Facebook as a whole. Cliques and what have you, who gives a f88! Do not even let me start explaining.
You tag some people your post and they pretend to like without reading, please and please, you do not need to like a post that you haven’t read or come and make unrelated comments, it is not by force! if you cannot help someone’s life, it’s okay, do not kill yourself doing magomago up and down. Another one that irks me is those ones who have the privilege of sending write ups to this blog and are feeling anyhow. My friend, the day i will blow,  i will not take this shit from you, so better adjust your trouser and do what is right! You are abusing not just me and my hardwork on this blog but also the blog itself! If you were to send your work elsewhere, albeit popular ones, you will EDIT, SEND TO THEIR EMAILS PROPERLY AND SHARE TO THE WORLD!  Do not make me work my ass off doing those things or reminding you every damn time, if i grow, you grow and versa. I refuse to allow you stunt my growth, i am not a new comer.

It would really be nice if people also follow up on their comments here like they do in other places, especially where their stuff is published and they can brag about.

Lastly, Just so you know, This is not an ordinary blog and i am watching. Some day, i would dance a different dance and the whole world will tell.

For those who tried subscribing and it did not work, try again. The subscription button is below or by the side. it’s okay if you like me to keep reminding you and it is okay if you do not subscribe, it is not by force. After all, every tree starts from a seed.

I am proud? Oh yes i am! Of myself and how far i have come with this blog.

Who gives a f*** what you think?

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