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Irony Of The Matter.

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Drawn up in the aches of life,

Crawled up in a battle with tears,

I read a tale of fear, mine was a little unfair.

A touch of worth on my side,

A hand of despair my fair share,

Say it about my being rare, irony on sale!

My touch of care on a soul, accounts for a role,

Play up my part, battle of wits, challenge coiled up in faith.

Loosened up for hate- of a world in vague.

So if I boil with frustration, bitterness or better yet with

Hope, relief and still sit on some courage to find my rich storage,

Know what it is about.

The swinging of people and my pot of gold,

The irony of the matter.

Buried on papers, there goes my matters!

I need no soap of washing! I’ll rather drown,

in the bubbles of a wonderful something.

Even in darkness comes a certificate of ugly fineness-

What seems in vogue.

Talk about life with a mix of feelings,

Rising or standing still.

But what would you say if I choose to stay,

Away from what seems to be of late?

They say don’t give room to wait,

I know what your eyes have seen mate,

You sow and who reaps?

Tell me why I wouldn’t flinch!

I want no life on lease.

I perceive an odour of deceit, am pissed!

I pass through fire, you stall and get on higher,

I am a fighter, going by it tighter!

But have you thought about it?

The irony of the matter.

Deep in the realms of life lies treasures to find,

Knocked down? Abandoned? Rise to fight! Put aside.

In the sand of time,

I shall have my due of gold!

You  need not be told,

So go on with your laughter

We know who is the better

And that is the irony of the matter!

Published by Enny Cole

I am a walking stream of thought. And building ideas and personal brands is my forte. With other things in between, I am just a talkative on paper trapped in a spinning mind.

5 thoughts on “Irony Of The Matter.”

  1. Deedee says:

    hmmmmmmn……I know who is better, it doesn’t seem like an irony to me!

    1. ennycole says:

      hmmm, excuse me sire.

  2. sheyman says:

    Hmm ironical dope

  3. ubosic says:

    Hmmmm, isn’t this one of the best poems I’ve read? With beautiful rhyming pattern! I love this.

    1. ennycole says:

      glad you like it dear.

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