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Another sign of highly idiotic people is an undying and inexplicable love for inertia; for staying in one position either physically, mentally, or in any respect for an extended period of time and achieving absolutely nothing.

Idiots can waste a whole day away without pointing at one meaningful thing they have done, learnt or achieved. Hard as that may seem to you, it is actually true!

Now, when someone makes it a habit to waste away precious whole days of his one life and to stay without growing, they are ultimately setting themselves up for a wasted existence. Henry David Thoreau wisely points out, “as if you could kill time without injuring eternity”.


” I am trying to be more active. which one burns more calories? Twittering, Facebook, Snap chat or Googling?”

What do idiots spend their time doing in inertia? A lot of things.

Some spend their time envying someone else. Some spend their time feeling sorry for themselves and their idiocy. Some spend it wailing or getting bitter over things they cannot control while ignoring things they can. Some spend it dwelling on the past.

In my e-book, THE GIFT OF TIME, I view time as a currency. We deal with it by investing it, spending it, or just wasting it. Every minute of our lives, we exchange it and we play a large part in determining what we get back in exchange for it, whether we have invested it or just wasted it, whether we have spent it or just ‘killed’ it.

The common denominator for idiots though, is the fact that they all exchange that essential and valuable commodity called time for something that would not pay off either now or in the future.

Some ambitious ones spend it dreaming. But there is something called dreaming. And there is something called idle dreaming. They are very distinct, very different concepts.

Idiots are perfectly comfortable with idle dreaming. They dream so long of what could be that they only wake up from that dream to get into another dream of what could have been. It is this class of people who have the habit of saying I am too young. There is still time for so long a time that the next thing they say is I am too old. There is no time.

In the space of this inertia that idiots enjoy, there is idle dreaming. There is also procrastination.

There is always a good reason why idiots want to keep off doing that important thing till the phantom tomorrow. It is an idiot that says, “Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow” and “Procrastination is my worst enemy. It has stolen many opportunities. I will stop it tomorrow”.

Then there is that class of people with the ‘Rocking Chair Syndrome’. These Rocking Chair people add another ingredient to the space of their inertia. They call it a fancy name- ‘planning’. Ten years ago they said they are planning. Ten years later, they are planning. Ten years from now, they’ll say they are still planning. Some go around in circles, in a half-hearted attempt at activity- like a rocking chair, doing so much but getting nowhere. This class of idiots are often too busy to be either effective or successful.

Only idiots make it a habit to consistently waste time. If you lose money, you can get it back. If you lose friends, you can get them back. If you lose a job or a contract, you can get them back. But if you lose time, you can never get it back.

It takes a profound idiot not to know this.

And it takes a super profound idiot to know this and yet go ahead to waste time anyway.


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