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I chanced upon a story on a blog some two weeks ago. A girl wrote her pitiful story. She said every morning without fail, her boyfriend tells her to open her mouth and he pees into it. Whenever she doesn’t feel like it and she disagrees, he beats the living daylights out of her dying soul. She was asking what she should do.


I spent nearly a full minute of my one life just staring at my computer screen in complete and utter stupefaction.

The next thing I did was to quietly go to the little ‘x’ at the top corner of the browser and close it.

When someone decides to use his girlfriend’s mouth as a toilet every morning [does he kiss her too?] and considers himself normal, I am understandably puzzled. And I may be moved to speak up against it.

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But when the person whose mouth is being used as a toilet is asking what she should do, then I just look at her with eyes wide open, trying hard not to laugh, and then turn and walk away. It is difficult for me to do that. But I have learnt to do just that.

You’re asking me what you should do? Really? Did they tie you in that house? Were your hands tied? Was it your teeth you used to type out your ‘cry for help’? What happened to your legs? Is there something called ‘walk away’ or ‘run for your dear life’ in your dictionary? I am guessing you used an internet device to browse to that blog; so you couldn’t browse for any Human Rights Organisation? You’re seriously asking what you should do? Keep asking. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you will rise and take back your dignity, your power and your sense of pride in whose likeness you were created.

I believe that every human is powerful beyond measure. That includes you.

There is so much we all can achieve when we channel our immense powers in the right direction. But too often, I see people who give away their power to be more and do more. I see people who just give away their power to all sorts of things or people. I see idiots who display an uncanny ability to defy logic and common sense as pertains to responsibility.

It was my boyfriend that made me do this’, ‘It’s not my fault. Situation caused me to do that’, ‘The devil made me do it’, ‘My parents…’, ‘The condition of the country…’, ‘It was poverty…’, ‘It was my boss…’, ‘It was my friends…’, ‘It was my children…

Idiots give away their power. And their responsibility along with it. They give someone else or something outside of them the power and the right to control them, to control their decisions, to control their actions, and ultimately, to control their end. Idiots never look within. To them, the cause and the solution is always without.

Idiots are as insecure as a dog bitten by its owner, moving around with a dark certainty that they are about to get bitten again and yet remaining within biting range.

I said earlier that every human is powerful beyond measure. You might ask me, ‘Does that include idiots too?’ and I’ll answer, ‘Yes. They have only chosen to give away their power. So they have become POWERFULLY idiotic!

to be continued…

AKPOVETA Valentine ‘t
Influence Leadership Coach,


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