Girly Episodes; A Question Of Hearts.



#Random girly musings and shenanigans…



This is what I have for you about my girly girl periods. Oops.
Okay, here it goes.

My name is Mimi and I am in love with a guy or so I think. Today i am checking him up or should i say spying. Don’t ask me why, it is obvious he wants to cheat, that’s if he hasn’t already started or what do i call this feeling i have inside?

This guy is attracted to that babe and damn it! this bae is going jealous of her innocence. I mean it’s not like she knows we are dating…em.. into each other. Wait, are we? Whatever. Who even knows, i didn’t make Deoye annnounce it in class like the others.

Isn’t N’austin trying to ask Emem Alexandra out through Deoye? And doesn’t Emem thinks Victor is the finest boy in class? I know it’s because of his nice hair and red lips. Oh yes.. We know it all. And the useless deliberating, wondered why they came to ask me, not that Emem and i are best of pals.

“Mimi tell us… Who is the finest boy in class, isn’t it Jerry Chi?” Elsie Godwin asked.

“It is Victor, see his red lips. Emem said.

” it is Jerry Chi alright” I replied.

Well, that is that. Back to moi. I kept walking back to the class to check up Deoye because he was chatting with Elsie and they were alone! Discussing what? When the boys were having their time out in the same class, she was there pretending to be asleep! Or so i think. And to think Deoye kept looking at her face.

This attraction is annoying. Yes.. I discovered Stefn Sylvester from the next class likes me, so what.. He could not even tell me himself and i don’t give him space.

Did i tell you Adeleke Julianah is in love with Deoye? He plays too much with her and it has gotten into her head that she turned Ama Udofa offer down. Emem is attracted to Victor even though she is going out with N’Austin. And Akinyemi Sean is asking Elsie out. The whole class is a mess. Wait ooh.. What is Deoye still doing alone in class with that girl?

I am in rage.


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