It’s warm and cosy. Preferable, you are having a chocolate bite in your dream and somewhere along the corners of your bed, your leg spreads nicely in a v shape. Because at that moment, life is good and you would be damned to tolerate anything that will make it go bad.

Sleep is sweet.

But what did I read about poverty coming down like an armed man demanding for ransom? I think you know what I mean. So it’s really hard getting up from bed to do stuffs. Especially during the cold season where you just want to be snuffed up in your warmers and blankets.

I know.

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It gets worse when you have to listen to your alarm make noise in your ears that it is time to go to work. The early morning rising is the most annoying of all. Especially if you had a late night trying to cook a nice meal to eat after starving yourself of your dream food and finding your tummy roaming about in snacks, only to come back at your face with snatches and snatches of hunger. Or was it just a long day in traffic or long nights buried in one work?

It’s okay. I feel you.

But here is the little thing you forgot. Time will always be time and it takes a moment decision backed up by serious action to make a step, then further steps. One step, two, three, four and five and 900.

We all aspire to reach the highest pinnacle of success whatsoever or if given the chance. Also, if we keep up at whatever we are doing. Some of us know the way, others are looking for it and may find it, the rest are something else on the “we will get there” This is actually not the hard part. What we know we know. Getting up and moving up is very hard. This is the hard part. I mean, why get up from a nice comfort, why leave a spot that’s bringing you cool breeze, why sweat when you are already okay? Something must be wrong with you for wanting to fly when you can take your time just running or walking when you could relax and crawl.

Just why should you sweat it?

So you pull over the covers and give your self some extras. Because if you do not move, every thing you desire will remain a wish with the whirlwind. You will move up /get up in five minutes and gradually a minute or two here and there, another minute or three here and there, till we arrive at a million. So much time wasted in momentary rest that could be gotten in a lifetime bliss, later.

Getting up is really hard innit? I know.

There is one more thing you know but forgot. We both know it’s hard to get up or move up but do it anyways. And trust me, once you make the minute decision to get up and you do get up, there is no looking back. You will be fine.

But remember , decision making is a skill you can master. So how do you jut get up? Simple. Well, maybe not.

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  • Make a mental decision to actually get up
  • Fuel this decision by getting up to action
  • Cultivate a do it now habit.
  • Develop your will power to respond

One of my instructors once said, when you are teaching adults who keep asking you the same questions over and over. Questions you already answered over and over. And because you have to try and satisfy them to learn at their own pace, when they ask such questions again or something else and it looks like you are fed up.

Just face the chalk board and grit your teeth for a minute or two.

Then get up and move.



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      February 15, 2018 / 8:21 pm

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