Girly Episodes #2.

random girly musings and shenanigans...

The crazy afternoon sun shone directly on Mimi’s face as she made her way to the hut, the water  pot sat nicely on her pretty head and her hips swayed in such majestic fashion.

“Whew whew!” Stefn whistled, he was coming from the farm, the gourd tied to his waist danced as he walked, spilling the contents on the ground. Mimi turned and hissed.

“Wpat is wrong wif you? I tell you to come to me…” he let out in his cherished accent.
” keep quiet there, the only thing that should go to you as usual is that your palmwine, sip it till eternity!”

Mimi left him chasing after her as she took to her heels, the water splashing on her body, she was already late and her father Deoye likes to keep to time. He wanted her to cook the evening meal but Mimi had other plans.
She was interested in two guys, didn’t uncle Sean called her a selfish brat?  he somehow had a way of catching the glint in her eyes, one that tells of an impending mischievous adventure. What does she care. One is a writer, the other is an artist. unfortunately, these guys were in love with some girls, lucky for her, the girls were her two best friends, Jennifer and Chichi.

” look at both of you, Jennifer,  you have Ehi and two weeks ago, he write a beautiful poem king soogun sang out to his wife, that earned him the king’s respect because his wife Emem loved it. Mimi had remarked three days before at the village square where the maidens went to honour the king.

” Mimi.. why are you so keen on this guy’s matter, he is just a writer! How can that fetch me gold?  You know me na” Jennifer muttered.

” And that artist Ara deinde, Chichi laughed, he said he is going to drawl me, I went to his house, saw the oyinbo talivishion and drawlings he did….”

” eeeeh, eeewo!”

Mimi jumped up, mouth agaped, the tip of her wrapper loosening, in one quick gesture, she folded the wraper neatly on her waist adjusting the length to become shorter. Stefn, the king’s palmwine tapper and drinker of it just passed by and Mimi managed to give him a stare.

You mean you saw his talivison? Mimi began to fake a cry. “ehn, all these our village men that come from big city with their fine face and richness, ehn… this is lof. Chichi, you haf to lof him back…

“Kilon shele yii….what is wrongs with you? I don’t have time for this oh, if you see that writer Ehi, tell him to stop sending me all those lof letters, imagine, I haven’t even see his face… Jennifer was talking when Ehi walked by, he had a fine composure to his gait and waved at the little children singing the chorus of a local song. He was holding a pen and paper and seem not to notice the ladies. At the sight of him, Mimi fainted while Jennifer’s mouth hung open to take in the evening scent.

It was Chichi that raised the alarm that she had fainted, to arouse Ehi’ s attention of course and….

“Stop right there! Young woman, where do you think you are going?” Mimi’s mother, Juli had caught her red handed, she stumbled upon her reoccurring thoughts, thrashing it into pieces and throwing it right at her face as she tiptoed to the backyard, a drawing and a piece of paper clunged to her hands.

“Your father has been looking for you, didn’t your brother Joe inform you?”
Joe had informed her quite alright but she and her brother had struck a deal, that was the only time out he needed to see his lover Henrietta. Just about the time she needed also.

“Em… ma, I went to….”
” will you get inside here now!” Her mother barked.
Mimi ran off to the backyard first to store the price collections that she held in her small hands.
Her mother was furious when she got back as she drew her ears, Mimi shrieked in pain.

It didn’t matter, her father’s high handedness didn’t matter as well. A smile spread across her face as she served kolanut and palmwine to  Ama udofa the glutton and damilare the stammerer, her father’s friends.
Mimi headed to the kitchen, an outer part of her mother’s hut painted with red earth. She sat down on her favourite uda tree stump and proceeded to cook.
Her plan would work out fine, double cross her friends and have the men to herself.

Ara’s drawings meant for Chichi would go to Jennifer, let her scratch herself. Ehi’s love poem would go to Chichi, let her die knowing that her artist has disappointed her. Then let them fight.

And right at the center, Mimi would console both men on her bosom and equally knock her friends heads together in victory.


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