Lights out. I hear voices, giggles, short laughs. I guess, warming their hearts in one bed. I think I have an idea of what they are doing but I cannot really tell.

Yesterday I saw kemi, my classmate dancing in the room with senior Moyosola the notorious bully watching her keenly. Momo as she is called had her hands on her jaw, she had on a face cap and her knees were roughly spreaded apart, she reminded me of how male passengers in public buses sat, very annoying like they were in their sitting room.

Momo irritated me by sitting like that. It was annoying me yesterday but not anymore. Is she a man? Why was she looking at kemi like that, licking her lips with her eyes like they wanted to close, and what is that one doing?

“It’s a lap dance” Chichi told me.

“Lap dance? What’s a lap dance?” I asked.

“What? Do you live in the 80s?”

I like hanging out with Kemi, she knows everything. Though a year older, I really really want her to be my close friend.

But why would kemi be doing lap dance and I would not know what it meant? So I saw that lap dance was what kemi was doing, wriggling her body like a fish out of water, rubbing her hands all over her body especially her breast and getting all the girls especially Momo excited, does lap dance also involved dressing exactly like that?

I moved closer to get a better view.
“Oh sexy! Thong!” The big mouth of the dormitory shouted as she passed by, I guess she was going to gossip in the next room as usual but not before slapping kemi’s bottom and drawing her dressing.

The dressing I suppose was what she called thong or how could I explain the dressing? A thin coloured rope with small coverings on the front and back, I could see her bum bum, so smooth and black. It reminded me of the amala and efo riro mother used to cook. Maybe that’s why senior Moyosola kept touching it and squeezing it so hard. At first, I backed away, then I realized I liked how she squeezed it, I felt my hands reaching my bum bum, squeezing it. kemi said, “ouch, ouch” I silently said ouch. She even said hmmm.

I thought kemi would tell her to stop but she was pushing Momo closer and all the girls were watching so I stopped touching my bum bum.
Senior Tonia was laughing at the corner, she was putting on lipstick and murmuring, then she pointed at kemi and I heard her say,

“By the time I am through, I will do more than a lap dance for Rosie.”
“Ehn… I can’t wait to see.” her companion replied.

So today, I think I am seeing our senior prefect and senior Tonia giggling on the bed.
Rosie, the senior prefect, I know her, a pretty senior many girls flock around, I like her too but she has too many friends to even notice me. Moreover, I am shy and quiet, she is a senior and I am a junior.

Her room is two rooms away, it is not far, the flowery coloured dorms were closely built together in such a way that one can easily access each parts of the school, it has a linking passage to all the classrooms, the toilets were situated at the back while the library sits beside it.

Even the dinning was built upstairs but the administration block was a long walk facing the dormitory, my room is the last and it takes about an hour for Mrs Philips to come tell us goodnight, walking from room to room ensuring we were tucked in bed.

I have many things to tell mother when I go home for my twelfth birthday, I didn’t know a boarding school would be like this. When mother had dropped me off that day, I had cried because I would miss home and all my friends. Father’s sickness got mother tired and depressed, then when he died, I heard aunty Funke telling her to put me away from day school so that she could heal and find her feet. Mother is still young and she could hook her up with some fine men. She also said I was too dull and I needed exposure. Maybe this is the exposure aunty Funke talked about. I would finally be able to tell her I no be dull girl , borrowing words that senior Flaky said to that hairy girl the other day at lunch.

“Stupid girl, why you de dull yourself?”
“I said get me your milo for dormy or your milo don finish?”

The hairy girl was silent, she didn’t move, her head was looking down at her feet, when senior Flaky continued to speak, she looked up and nodded. She followed her towards the dormitory and I was almost tempted to follow because I was curious.
“She no get swag jare, wetin senior see for im body.” One girl said.
The other one laughed and said “she just dey look, she doesn’t even know what milo stands for, probably thinks senior wants her provision.”
If senior doesn’t want her provisions then what does she want? Was it not the girl’s milo she requested for? Can’t she wait for the girl to go and bring the milo for her? After all, we are drinking lipton tea. Maybe the hairy girl needed to show senior she had swag, didn’t that girl say she doesn’t have swag? I had thought about all these, I still think about it.
I wanted to ask the girls but I couldn’t talk, I swallowed my saliva and gulped down my tea. Maybe I should stand up and move closer to them but I couldn’t stand up, I just sat there and stared.
It is finally morning, I struggle out of bed to the bathroom. I want to have my bath early, I usually do, before all the girls fill up their bodies in the bathroom; besides, I love the comfort of being alone in there. I have just 4 minutes or less to do this before school mother wakes up so I can help fix her hair in place. She is my bunk mate, every junior has a senior bunk mate who watch out for them for a while. She really takes care of me.
She would tell senior Chika “ stop eyeing this girl, she is a dove, don’t come and spoil her “
And senior Chika would laugh and make a funny face and I would tell how senior Chika gave me apple the other day.
“She gave you apple, stop taking things from her, she only wants to befriend you.”

My school mother had replied. The way school mother said befriend like it was something bad, I just nodded. From that day, whenever senior Chika called me to a corner, like she did the day we had sports, I refused to take things from her, she would start to tease me and press my breast small small and I would start to giggle.
“School mother said I should not take anything from you.” I informed her. Then she would smack my bum bum and squeezed it, I would say ouch. She would do it again and again but I still didn’t collect her gifts because school mother would know.
But before mother comes to pick me up for the holidays, before she would ask me how I spent my months in the school and I would tell her it went well, before my grades starts to drop, before I go out with most of the seniors and school mother would start to dislike me for being the notorious, I will sneak out to the bathroom at night and take my bath with Senior Chika, even try to mimic Kemi’s lap dance.


  1. Adetola
    April 20, 2017 / 3:51 pm

    You have join bad gang, you have become bahd child

  2. N'austin
    April 20, 2017 / 3:59 pm

    Oh fuck!

    This happens almost in every dormitory.

    Interesting read indeed!

    Naive minds are being spoilt every now and then.

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