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The streets are littered, dusk settles in and once again you saved yourself the disgrace of being seen. You had saved your finest piece of clothing for your evening ritual : a rough bleached out white shirt, a cropped up trouser with pocket holes and worn out sandals to match, didn’t you pick them up at the green house where the gate man dried them up as rags?

At exactly 4pm, your begging spree began, you would push through bodies of bent old men, small boys with open wounds, open pans and jingling pocket coins. Eyes sore and mouths festered with cries of “help me” the stories were the same, you are an orphan and have seven brothers to feed and the response you get is the same. A coin or two, on lucky days a note or two. And they only gave in to your pleas because you would follow about and not let them be. Disgust and disinterest clearly written on their foreheads.

It was not easy joining, everyone were on their own and only linked by the weekend money drop off, to maintain the abandoned bridge that housed your lot. When you started, they surrounded you, rage in their eyes, how could you start something and not inform them? The fat boy you  dreaded for his flabby arms was ready to beat you up, ( how could this one be a beggar? you doubt, he is a thief but you are one too, only you steal from your soul) your lanky frame fretted a picture of a skull body in your mind and you complied when they collected your saved begging.

Now that you are a member, it was difficult keeping up to your other status; the person you left behind to swim unnecessary waters. But you are also a member of the joint, a displace of personality.

You are heading to the joint now, you entered the bar spot, the one where the guys you envied always patronized. It wasn’t like these guys had much, last you heard, they weren’t so fly, just some random trying to make a living name persons, but your sense couldn’t tell you how to make yours. Yahoo, office assistants, rich boy-father’s business, struggling entrepreneurs and shit was the list.

Because deep down, you have debased your self and you are a thief denying your soul and stealing from it.

If you find yourself in the wrong crowd, please vanish.

You don’t have to beg people for your manifestation to come or try to fit in a circle.

The right people needed for your manifestation will come. And they would be there for you and you would be there for them. You won’t need to beg these set of people, because they see the potential in you.

You won’t need to beg these people because they found the answers in you,

They see that great something in you that cannot be ignored.

You don’t need to beg these people because they have been rightly positioned for you.

You don’t need to try and fit in with these people because you have already been accepted.

You don’t need to adjust your life for these people to suit their own needs because you are a path they already chose to follow.

Because you have done your homework,

You have been working hard

Targeting your focal point and aiming for the goal spot.
Because you have rightly positioned yourself.

You don’t need to struggle to fit into a cycle, let your circle announce itself.

Your right audience will come and when they do, they would lift you up and in turn, you would do the same . For their manifestation and uplift lies in knowing and helping you. And you also knowing and helping them.

Control your attitude to things of life and you would go a long way.

How much you beg is how less you and your goals are.

Control it, don’t beg for it.

Let them see and feel it.

You don’t need people’s approval to step boundaries or overcome.

Perhaps, it is not the problem itself but the way we see the problem that is the problem.

Have a focal point that leads somewhere.

Don’t beg people. You are not living for them.


PhotoCredit: gettyimages.com

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5 thoughts on “DON’T BEG FOR IT.”

  1. N'austin says:

    Do not beg if you know your worth. Good way to start the day.

  2. Emmanuel Okoro says:

    Hmmmmmm. I just got inspired.

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