She said you kicked the bucket,
I said the bucket died instead.
If the two lines of cane at eleven,
That bore your stripes on my tail,
The one that you flogged me those days,
Can give you rest, pomp and humbled nest,
I would give it away.
So that you may become whole again.
Startled, i heard  a stifled cry from within.
My soul tore into shreds,
Zrip, Zrip, ink drip,
Raging, Waring, elemental pieces,
Flowing,  going, somewhere knowing.
You took me in your hands,
Garnished me with your thoughts,
Raised in your fort,
To become one amongst all the rod.
Now that you are gone,
Scratches, thunder and matches,
Light my body into ashes.
Oh I am torn!
Torn, a tear, mourn, Oh dear.
You said that she left
How can you tell such a lie?
That is swelling within my chest
Hold it, do not let it bubble,
I mumble, crawl, I stumble,
All hail  heart troubles.
But I saw that she died,
Without a goodbye.
Grandma, do you remember?
Your voice, serenaded in a shrill I feel.
Come and shout at me!
Forgive me.
You wanted her to come,
Wanted them to stay,
But they all went beyond.
How did you shut your eyes?
Without me being by your side.
Shattered screams, weak limbs
Was it when I got weary?
When you were calling,
And no one could hear you?
The wrinkled smile on your face
Told many stories unnamed.
Asake, omo bi orwon,
Jagun Jagun bi eti,
My Asake has gone to rest.
From the woes struggling underneath her chest.
I should have fought them better,
My hard love for you
Weigh more than I could tell for you.
Someone yelp me a song!
Lullaby to cool me along.
I laugh at darkness,
The one that took you away!
Haha…shey now it ends?
No more of your stupid taunts.
My heavy heart wears a frown.
Everyone knew you all my life,
And now that you are gone,
I hope that I may be fine.

#Rest In Peace Grandma.

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