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IMPOSE YOUR WILL. | On Crushing Validations

Your unhealthy desire for acceptance is killing you. You frantically seek approval from a board of advisors comprising mortals in makeup and suits, who are really just as lost and afraid.

Do you not see that you’re robbing the universe of your divinity? Don’t you realize that you’re robbing humanity of your originality?

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Idiots Guide To The Universe 2
Unsolicited counsel is what Nigerians (and Africans) give. And most times, it leads to contempt. In fact, from my work as a change advisor, I have come to realize that when you push people to do ANYTHING before they are willing to do it, they will waste both your time and their own time. Readiness is a panacea for results.

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It’s Not What They Say! Become Your Star

What they say doesn’t count, it is what you say that does. Without content, you will get there but will not stay there. The 10,000 hour rule says you have to consistently practice what you do for that average in order to become an expert.

Sometimes you do not know how to put your voice out or air your goals. Here, let us prioritize workflow by finding your unique brand voice/identity. Topping your game with the right content to create, the right way to source content and fresh,unique angles for your content.

And like a star in the sky, Your beauty lies in the finesse of  your words.


Pen Tap!

How can something heavier than air float in air? You are mad to even think of that!  The wright brothers went ahead anyway. The aeroplane was born. Insanity is not defined by pangolo beats, tattered clothes and worn out feet. It is how far you are willing to loose yourself to gain yourself. Life does not pose you answers. Ask the right questions and the answers will come.


Shall We Spin?

Sandwich breakfast in bed, lunch is served on a platter of jollof rice, cupcakes and plenty sipping of juice- Enny Cole dinner toppings. The art of storytelling is a powerful way to arouse our imaginations and like your favourite Snapchat filter, it colours how you enjoy your day. Come, let’s tell awesome stories together.


Move Bitch! | short fiction


Photo Credit : Google images

Photo Credit : Google images

Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want-“

“Shut up!”
Terrified, Kelly cocked her gun towards the girl’s head. Her voice made the demons wag war inside of her. 10 deaths over one week and still counting, 43 abductions for sell offs; it’s a great business and a silly girl under a police cover. She hauled the girl to her feet.
“Move bitch!”

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I chanced upon a story on a blog some two weeks ago. A girl wrote her pitiful story. She said every morning without fail, her boyfriend tells her to open her mouth and he pees into it. Whenever she doesn’t feel like it and she disagrees, he beats the living daylights out of her dying soul. She was asking what she should do.


I spent nearly a full minute of my one life just staring at my computer screen in complete and utter stupefaction.

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The Juju In Your Village

When Baba took the opere from his late father, he had you in mind but your mind was on the streets of Lagos, on flashy cars and beautiful women.

You told him to let the gods take care of themselves but he wouldn’t listen.

Every morning, after chewing bitter Kola he would take some gin and wash his mouth, you knew what he would do next because he came to your hut, the one that smelt of your six year old sister’s urine, to wake you up for the morning sacrifice.

oya dide, eledumare ti dide, orunmola naa, opere sii ma side ni sin yii.”  wake up, God is awake…opere is waking.

You would roll to your sides and pretend not to hear,  he would repeat it like some kind of chant and you would stand up slowly irritated.

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