Getting Up Is The Problem Innit? | Why You Should Sweat It


It’s warm and cosy. Preferable, you are having a chocolate bite in your dream and somewhere along the corners of your bed, your leg spreads nicely in a v shape. Because at that moment, life is good and you would be damned to tolerate anything that will make it go bad.

Sleep is sweet.

But what did I read about poverty coming down like an armed man demanding for ransom? I think you know what I mean. So it’s really hard getting up from bed to do stuffs. Especially during the cold season where you just want to be snuffed up in your warmers and blankets.

I know.

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It gets worse when you have to listen to your alarm make noise in your ears that it is time to go to work. The early morning rising is the most annoying of all. Especially if you had a late night trying to cook a nice meal to eat after starving yourself of your dream food and finding your tummy roaming about in snacks, only to come back at your face with snatches and snatches of hunger. Or was it just a long day in traffic or long nights buried in one work?

It’s okay. I feel you.

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Beyond Perspectives | When Karma Tells A Story II

When Karma Tell A Story


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There’s that time the sky darkens over, lugubrious clouds hanging low blocking out even the littlest hope of sun rays. It’s a cycle, this thing. Rainfall, sunshine, the cloud spilling darkness over everywhere, a darkness that grows even now across my heart. Something always brings us to this point, the point where perspective change.

I’ve always believed that the night was just a break for the day. So I looked forward to each day every night. I looked forward to the morning when your cries ceased, when you managed to smile. I lived for those times, those mornings, those days, those rays of invaluable sunshine. You even joked and laughed then. The night was just a break, however terrible, that was all it was.

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Before You Kick start Your Brand, Note This | Personal Brand Plan #1

Downloadable Infographic Guide

Starting out an idea is not an easy job, especially with growing competition and other business implications. it is impertinent to note the necessary things needed to run an idea into a successful reality. Perhaps, you have no clue and you are tired or scared of launching out. You have clearly define your ideas but you seem to be lost on which way to kick off. Or just maybe you are yet to find out that idea that would catch your fancy enough to make you that successful entrepreneur.

Worry less, I would share with you something you are missing out.

Personal brands are fast becoming one of the most sought after areas and it is high time you put your great ideas to actionable use. There are certain questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to feeding that idea, you are a brand on your own and there is always something that uniquely defines you and forms your MAKE UP.

  • WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? For some, this question is a problem because they have no idea of what they want to venture into or what they need to master. That’s another blog post for another day. But the key point here is to identify exactly what niche yo want to branch into. Once this is identified, the rest is fine history. Take steps to consistently practice this idea and become a pro in it. Move to question two.

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Lights Out | When Karma Tells A Story

When Karma Tell A Story


The sun crawled slowly across the sky like a sulking child who didn’t want to go to bed. From the western horizon it peered at the three friends sitting on a bench in front of a house who were deep in their own world, laughing at jokes and making fun of each other.

“No, no, guys listen. I have a date seriously. Why is that so hard for you to believe?” Nonso, the smallest among the three quipped.

“You have a date?” Igwe asked, stretching his tall frame.

“Haha, Nonso let us hear word abeg.”

Ebube was struggling to contain his amusement.

“I’m dating someone, you fools.”

“You’re dating someone? Is she calendar?” Igwe asked before he and Ebube burst out laughing.

“Very stupid guys.”

Nonso couldn’t help smiling despite himself.

“Guy, date calendar nah,” Ebube suggested.

“You’re just a fool,” Nonso mouthed, “an ewu.”

Igwe and Ebube laughed some more while they watched two men approach them from across the street. The men strode up to them, purpose behind every footfall. Igwe’s laughter died in his throat as he espied them wearily. It was Sunday evening and he knew what they were coming for.

“Nwanne, good evening,” one of them greeted.

His beard was bushy around his mouth and he looked like the self-appointed speaker among the two because the other one who was lanky as a broomstick fell in line behind him.

Igwe grunted in response. Ebube didn’t say a word. Nonso replied their greeting cheerfully. The bearded one stared at them unsure of how to or if to start, but continued anyway, focusing on Nonso and buoyed by his acceptance of them.

“We brought you the good news,” he began.

“I don’t think I’ll be listening,” Igwe replied before Nonso could say anything.

“What do you mean?” the broomstick-looking preacher behind the bearded one exclaimed.

It was more of a rebuke than a question.

“We won’t listen. You guys should go,” Ebube responded, his voice cold as harmattan nights.

The shock on Nonso’s face must have got hold of his tongue. He couldn’t stop staring at his friends.

“Are you rejecting the word of God?” the first speaker asked, trying desperately to keep his cool.

“We just don’t want to listen today,” Igwe replied.

“The bible says if you reject the word of God, he will also reject you,” the speaker began.

“Yes yes, can you go now?”

Ebube was visibly irritated.

“You’ll go to hell, three of you.”

“Oho, what did I tell you? All they do is preach condemnation,” Igwe remarked, “just go, we have heard.”

The preachers stalked off with righteous indignation leaving behind awkward silence.

“What did you two just do?” Nonso asked.

“Bought a first class ticket to hell,”

“It’s not funny.”

Nonso looked like he was about to launch into an unpleasant homily before Ebube broke in.

“Listen, Nonso, what if you die and it’s Allah you see at the other side?”

“It can’t be,” Nonso exclaimed.

“That’s what they also say.”

“How about Buddha? Amadioha? Sango?” Igwe added.

“Both of you are crazy.”

“Just think about it.”


Igwe saw the star fall behind his house. He had seen his room filled with blinding light which illuminated every corner of his room before he saw it fall over the hill behind their house. It had come with a buzzing sound that made everything vibrate. He wondered if anyone else had seen it as he turned to wake his brother who was sleeping in his room that night.
“Emeka,” he started saying before he stopped.

Emeka’s bed was empty except for the clothes that he wore to sleep that night. He wondered why Emeka would remove his clothes. He climbed down from his bed, it seemed there was something wrong with the clothe, like it was torn. The light which he always left on at night blinked twice before it blinked off. He stared outside through the window, there was still light in the neighbourhood.

A scratching sound came from the direction of the door, like the one rats made while he struggled to sleep. But this was longer, bigger and made with something bigger than a rat’s claws.

“Emeka,” he called.

Emeka and his stupid pranks, even this late at night. He was probably responsible for the light that had flooded the room not long ago. The scratching sound came again, closer to the door. Igwe fumbled for his torch, found it and stumbled towards the door. He tried to open it and found it was jammed. Emeka was not going to sleep in his room again, he cursed.

“Emeka!” he shouted.

“It’s the end of the world, bro.”

That was definitely Emeka’s voice.

“Are you stupid?” Igwe raged, shaking the door handle furiously, “are you ma…”

The door opened, throwing him backwards and his torchlight just glimpsed it before it rolled away from his hands as he lost his balance.

Igwe didn’t believe in demons. Okay, there was a time he believed all that shit, when all his parents had to say was “hell is real” and he would pray for days on end. But not anymore, so he was at loss on what to call the creature in the doorway as the light from the torch fell on the wall and illuminated the room. The shadow stood for a while before mimicking him.

“Are you stupid? Are you ma?”

Slowly, Igwe picked himself up and backed away from it towards the window. It was almost ten feet tall and Igwe could feel its red eyes unblinkingly sizing him up. In the little light cast by the torch he couldn’t make out much else and he very well couldn’t go to pick up his torch for a closer inspection.

“Jesus,” he whispered.

“Or Allah or Buddha. Bottom line is you didn’t make heaven.”

Igwe felt it then, as the thing took a step into his room, bending to get in, the scorching heat emanating from the body.

“God save me.”

“We are God,” the demon moved closer, each step thundering through the house.

“No no no no…”

Igwe felt the hands on him and the heat which threatened to roast him. Then he felt something else, a prick, a rigid prick. The demon held him and turned him over.

“Jiiiiisssooooooss!” Igwe screamed as he sprang awake.

His heart threatened to abandon his chest and run away. His eyes were wide as he tried to convince himself it was just a dream, a terrible nightmare. He wiped the sweat on his face before turning to the other bed in the room. It was empty and Emeka’s clothes were on it. There was something wrong with them. They looked tor…

The light went off.

Samuel Oge Thrills us with this column.

Stay Tuned!

I Can’t Get Over This Commercial | Yoplait Even Got The Cow Clueless

I have been itching to write on this commercial I tag as silly. Funny is far form it because then that would make it silly funny. 
Yoplait is a kiddie kind of yogurt though from most of its commercials, it says everyone loves yoplait. I have tried the yogurt which comes in different flavours but it isn’t just my thing. 
First Eye: That year, NBC was very fond of showing ridiculous commercials, almost like it was planned to amuse my fancy. And on one of such nights, I discovered the Yoplait advert and I am like please what kind of commercial is this? This is the kind of advert that makes me dread the product or nod my head in disappointment when I come across it at the store. By mistake. How could you guys put such on Tv?
The er high five: The end notes following this commercial is the only best thing that happened and that is all there is to say.
The hmmm part:
So to top it, they came up with this commercial where an old man had to talk to a cow. I do not get.
You know it’s a cow and it may not get your point yet you still try to talk to it?
Why does he have to take a scoop of the yogurt and try convince the cow that its milk is the best? Even the cow is clueless. And the last part that got me shaking my head and saying oh my goodness was after his speech, he ran off thinking the cow would follow in pursuit. Perhaps, the advertising agency was trying to convince viewers that the cow didn’t like the whole idea of its milk being processed into a yogurt?
Was it supposed to be funny? Please it isn’t.
The other commercial that showed a family of four making hmmm sounds because they had a Yoplait was even manageable. Not this. Did you see that man banging the table though? Just watch this commercial and tell me if you don’t feel my pain.
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If anyone knows the company, please tell them to stop. They are embarrassing the confederation of animal milk production professionals aka the cows.
And the advertising agency they patronized or whoever gave them this idea should be banned.

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Tiredness May Be An Excuse After All. | Talk Truth, I Know You Are Tired, Lisa Kokoko At It Again.


Have you ever heard someone say they are tired? Silly question. Let me rephrase. How many times have you heard people say they’re tired?  Plenty times!

I say it too and yes it really isn’t a big deal anymore. See we have heard all over the world, people placing banners and mounting speakers shouting on their voices about time to shine, strive to excel and the motivation kinikan.

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The Purple Review | Up Nepa By Iyanu Adebiyi

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Escape, A Short Fiction

What Many Nigerians Don’t Get

Imagine yourself in total darkness, no access to light or anything that will bring you electricity. After what seem like eternity, your light bulb laughed. There is light, what do you say? Up Nepa!

On October 1st, when I was still contemplating if I should make a blog post celebrating Nigeria or not, that was before I saw some disturbing green white green photos, I came across a brilliant spoken word piece, unique in its style with a bit of open curiosity. When Iyanu adebiyi showed us the teaser of this poetic piece on the shoreline of Facebook, I didn’t know what to expect. I wondered what she meant by Up Nepa and I was amused. Little did I know what was up her sleeves. 

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Survivor Video Review | Dr Alams, the singing doctor at it again

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Nigeria at 56

How Not To Argue With An Idiot

How much is a dollar in Nigeria again? 490? How many are complaining of the status quo? Relax, Survivor will give you some hope.

Some months back, Dr. Alams and his producer Mac Fash gave us the thrills of your Magic ,Wahala and Energy bubbling through our phones and all over Facebook. It was not bad for a talented young man walking his paths of destiny; from doctoring to writing to music. The Singing Doctor didn’t loose his knots, he tied them better and released another captivating song, one that bore into the very core of the prevalent Nigeria situation. 

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